Stonehenge and Just Stop Oil

Some people seem to be getting very exercised over two Just Stop Oil protesters, 73-year-old Quaker, Rajan Naidu, and student, Niamh Lynch, 21, spraying orange powder on three of the sarsen uprights at Stonehenge. The powder was non-toxic (cornflour), did absolutely no harm to the stones or the lichen growing on them and was easily removed by English Heritage staff using a handheld blower.
I wish people would get half as exercised about the stranglehold the oil industry holds on governments worldwide and the destruction their toxic activities are wreaking on our shared planet Earth, human health and political discourse. The oil industry has been actively working against renewable energy solutions since the 1960s. Someone has to call them out.
As founder of the British Druid Order, I support Just Stop Oil and the right to peaceful protest, a right that is being eroded or curtailed by successive governments here in the UK and around the world, governments that actively collude with the oil industry to protect their interests and the massive profits made by their shareholders as they poison our world.
Just Stop Oil is not the problem here. The oil industry and repressive governments are the problem. Let’s focus our attention on them and not get suckered into their agenda, which involves continuing support for the oil industry that is driving global warming while further suppressing individual rights to peacefully protest their gross wrong-doing.
Blessings to all peaceful protesters for beneficial change,
Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass) /|\

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