A Druid Ogham Oracle


Greywolf reading the Druid Ogham Oracle Cards25-card set based on the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet with cards designed by Greywolf (aka Philip Shallcrass) and a 40-page booklet by Steve Rumelhart giving guidance on using the cards in divination. The cards are illustrated with leaves from each of the trees or plants associated with the Ogham letters, the letters themselves being shown in red, the colour of our life-blood and a perfect contrast to the green of the leaves. For a closer look at the cards, click on the small image above. The booklet gives information on the natural history, folklore and uses of the Ogham trees and plants as well as their divinatory meanings. Both booklet and cards also incorporate ‘phrase Oghams’ from the medieval Irish ‘Scholars’ Primer’ which is our primary source of information about the Ogham alphabet. A very accessible, practical way to connect with and use the Oghams. The cards measure 98 x 148 mm, or 3 7/8 x 5 7/8 inches (approx.). The first edition of only 100 copies is rapidly selling out and we’ve now printed a second edition of 200.


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