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The Sign Of The Rose


A remarkable collection of songs, spells and invocations from BDO chief, Greywolf, aka Philip Shallcrass.

Beginning with an invocation to the old Saxon gods of Britain, it moves into ‘Song at Wodnesbeorg,’ a song inspired by Greywolf’s meeting with Woden on an ancient burial mound in North Wiltshire. Next is an invocation of Awen, the sacred, flowing spirit of inspiration in our tradition. This is followed by a hymn to the divine feminine, ‘Lady of the Greenwood.’ Track 5, ‘Lover’ and the title track, ‘The Sign of the Rose,’ are lyrical love songs. ‘Autumn Spell’ is a prayer for healing, followed by ‘Hel’s Embrace,’ reflecting on the dark side of relationships, while the next track, ‘A Perfect Mirror,’ deals with love’s ability to find itself reflected in another’s soul. ‘Slide’ is an out-and-out rocker with some bitchin’ slide guitar work. ‘Sacrifice’ muses on what we may or may not be willing to give, or give up, for love. ‘Thanks’ is an expression of gratitude for the sheer strangeness of being alive. The final track, the 12-minute epic, ‘The Sweet Sorrow,’ is a tragic tale of love and loss, based on a traditional Scots ballad of the same name, here given a makeover with layered harp, bass, percussion and strings. Running time 62 minutes.


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