The Hunter: a track from Greywolf’s forthcoming cd, ‘The Lord of the Wildwood’


Greywolf’s long-awaited – i.e. 14 years!!! – second cd is in preparation. He’s been recording tracks for it for about, oh, 14 years or so… There’s still a little way to go. However, while we’re all tapping our fingers and toes waiting, GW thought it would be a nice idea to make some preview tracks available for download as ‘singles’ for BDO folk and friends. It’s also a way of raising funds to get the cd pressed. Kind of a cloud-sourcing thing. You get an amazing, nearly 10-minute track for just 0.99p! We think that’s a bargain. So, if you like it, please tell your friends and point them here. Thank you!

The Hunter is an example of what Greywolf calls ‘shamanic rock’, opening with rattle, flute and frame drum plus, of course, wolves howling in the wild. Then it all kicks off with the addition of drum kit, bass, rhythm and twin-tracked lead guitars. All instruments are played by Greywolf, who also wrote, produced and sings it. The song is about Gwyn ap Nudd, the guide of the souls of the dead, leader of the Wild Hunt and Lord of the Faery Folk in native British tradition. He is also the Lord of the year’s Winter half. The track runs for just under 10 minutes and Greywolf tells us it’s his favourite track of all his recorded output to date. Guaranteed to have you bouncing around the room, as we trust the clip below will demonstrate:

This clip is 96 kbps (i.e. small file but fairly low quality), the full download is 192 kbps (i.e. much better quality and quite a big file – about 14MB).


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