The Druids’ Voice # 18 (PDF download)


No, your eyes do not deceive you! This is indeed a digital version of the 2008 issue of The Druids’ Voice: The Magazine of Contemporary Druidry. It is, we think, the best issue to date, featuring a superb selection of articles by many of the finest writers in contemporary Druidry. It’s also the first issue to be illustrated in full colour throughout. It’s rendered even more special by the fact that only 150 copies were ever printed, the reason being that our high tech, bulky, expensive A3 laser printer couldn’t take the strain and broke down, never to print again, and we were unable to find anyone who could produce it for us within the cover price. It is, therefore, with genuine pleasure that we make it available in this shiny new format with every page and every beautiful, carefully chosen illustration intact. Yay!

Articles in this themed issue include:

Clothed with the Sky: A Spiritual Form of Naturism Within Druidry, by Philip Carr-Gomm

A Modest Look at Ritual Nudity – Pt .1, by Ronald Hutton

Ritual Nudity in Iron Age Europe, by Philip Shallcrass

Don’t Get Mad, Get Heathen: Madness, Despair & Spirituality, by Steve Rumelhart

A Theology of Reburial, by Emma Restall Orr

Tim Sebastion Woodman Remembered, by Kevan Manwaring

and more, including reviews, news and colourfully eccentric views.

The printed version sold for a very reasonable £3.95, and we’re offering the digital version for a mere £2.75. What a bargain!


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