Blue Green Tapestry


A collection of verses by bards of the British Druid Order

With an introduction by Bobcat (Emma Restall Orr), this collection brings together some of the best poetry produced by bards of the BDO.

Contributors include Dutch artist, Loes Raymakers and American High Priest and Druid, Leon Reed. The titles of some of the poems included will give you an idea of the subjects covered: West Kennett Long Barrow; Sweat Lodge; Holly; Mistletoe; Redemption; Low Slung Moon; Crow Dancing; The Green Imagination; Winter Solstice; Blessings; Ecstasy; Samhain; Consecration; A Poet’s Wish to his Dying Muse; Rainbow Wisdom; Forest Thoughts; Calling. As you’ll see, the verse included here respond to the awen of sacred places, the cycles of sun and moon and of human life, and of Druidry itself, the path and its magic. 48 pages.


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