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Tooth & Claw #8

Featured in this issue are: The Future of the BDO, by Greywolf and Bobcat (so you can see how much of it came true);

plus A Year in the Life, by Greywolf; Cat in Erin, by Bobcat; An American Druid in Solitude, by Ian Durham; Raven Revelation, by Kiri Johnston; In the Bone, by Alan Tickhill; Interfaith Interference, by Archbishop Greywolf (a bit of a giggle); Hell Theory, by Anon (another chucklesome treat); Druid Funerals, by Greywolf and Bobcat; Databases, by Dave Hughes, an eisteddfod section and various reviews, &c. 24 A4 pages, illustrated.


Price: £1.50

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