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The Druids’ Voice, vol. 1, no. 10

This issue features articles on Celtic Spirituality, by Gwalchmai;

plus In Memory of Gunnhildr, by Jenny Blain; Gerald Massey, by Stephanie Methavet; Seidr: Journeying the Wyrd of the Nine Worlds, by Jenny Blain; Druidry and Politics, by Philip Carr-Gomm; Morality and Honour, by Emma Restall Orr; Sacrifice, by Gwalchmai; The Goddess in Druidry, by Matt McCabe; Taliesin's Trip: Celtic Shamanisms?, by Dr. Robert Wallis; Footprints on the Threshold, by Christine Rhone; Stonehenge Road Scheme, by Greywolf; and The Dragon Rune, by Adrian Harris. Also contains news, reviews and an eisteddfod section. 56 A4 pages, illustrated.


Price: £3.00

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