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A Druid Directory

Edited by Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf) & Emma Restall Orr (Bobcat)

Ever wondered why there are so many Druid groups and what they all do? In this book, 38 different Druid groups from Britain, Europe, the USA, Australia and elsewhere tell you about themselves in their own words.

Setting the scene are three introductory sections by the two editors, 'What is Druidry?' and 'A History of Druidry' by Greywolf and 'Modern Practice' by Bobcat. Then comes the Directory itself, in which groups are listed alphabetically and by geographical location. There are several pages of Druids on the web, plus a recommended reading list for Druidry ancient and modern. The reduced price is due to some of the information being out of date. We do, however, include an insert which updates some of the contact details and an online resource where you can find further updated information. Paperback, 120 pages, illustrations, index.


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