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Open Gorseddau (Ceremonial Gatherings in the Bardic Tradition)

The Gorsedd of Bards of Caer AbiriThe Gorsedd of Bards of Caer Abiri

Founded at Avebury at the autumn equinox of 1993, the Gorsedd of Caer Abiri set the pattern for our other Gorseddau. Because the first Gorsedd was held during a multi-faith conference, the rite was constructed to be as open and welcoming as possible to folk of all faiths or none, while maintaining a strong Druidic flavour. Since it was the autumn equinox, an element of seasonal celebration was included. By request from some of those attending, it also included child blessings, handfastings and a short form of bardic initiation.

Within two years of its formation, the Gorsedd had become what Professor Ronald Hutton described as "the central event of the New Druidry," attracting hundreds of people to celebrate among the ancient stones circles of Avebury. For many Pagans, it represented a first opportunity to celebrate their faith in public and to have their rites of passage witnessed and honoured by a broad community of like-minded souls.

The celebrations begin with a gathering outside the restaurant near the National Trust shop at 12 noon. From there, we move to the great southern entrance to the henge. A woman (usually) sits in the seat of one of the two huge sarsen stones that flank the entrance to represent the guardian of the stones. After she has given her blessing on our presence, we move to the Ring Stone for any handfastings, then (usually) on to the southern inner circle for the main part of the rite, which ends with bardic performances.

Next meeting: Sunday, May 3rd 2015 - Beltaine

For further information about events, contact Morgan Rhys Adams on 01458 835518

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The Gorsedd of Bards of Cor GawrCor Gawr pic

Founded by the BDO in 1997 with the aim of providing a peaceful means by which to gain ceremonial access to Stonehenge at festival times, the Gorsedd of Cor Gawr is now an independent entity meeting at Stonehenge to witness and honour the dawn on Midsummer’s Day (24th June) and again on the Sunday before the Winter Solstice at around sunset and so offers members of the Druid, Pagan and wider community an opportunity for focused ritual, meditation and celebration with a smaller group than at Open Access.
Working within the tenets and framework of ‘modern’ Druidry yet open to those of all paths and faiths, the gatherings are made up by people from all walks of life both within and outside of our tradition. They come from all across the British Isles as well as from Europe and beyond. Many of these folks come back year after year to celebrate our native tradition, also bringing with them their own words and offerings to enrich the experience for all.

Attendance is by ticket only, available from the Gorsedd website at: