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Join the BDO

Membership is free Online and Elsewhere!

We have unfortunately had quite a few difficulties with the forum system we were using on the website, so have had to retire it. But never fear! Membership remains free online and elsewhere! If you want to be involved with the BDO in any way, we consider you a member 🙂 Participate in our online Facebook Group, or sign up to our newsletter. We do not send out massive frequent emails, I promise.

Other ways to join

The most obvious and complete form of membership is signing up for the new BDO distance learning courses. The Bardic Course went online in June 2011, the Ovate in September 2012 and Druid will complete the three in 2013. See the BDO Courses page for details and links to further details about each of the three courses. The courses are aimed at those who want to become bards, ovates or Druids.

We realise that there are many who like to join Druid rites and events, but who don't necessarily want to be bards, ovates or Druids themselves. For them, there are various other ways to be part of the BDO:

Come along to one of our open Gorsedd celebrations, where bardic initiations are offered at which thousands of people have taken their first steps on the Druid road. See the Gorsedd page for details.

Join, by invitation, one of our local Groves. See the Groves page for details.

Come along to any of our events. See the (you guessed) Events page for details.

Subscribe to our occasional newsletter, Tooth & Claw (as with the e-mail newsletter, this is currently on hold due to work on the courses only even moreso, though we do hope to resume publication in 2013).