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The World Drum at Avebury

Date(s) - 30/03/2013
11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Avebury Henge, Wiltshire


The World Drum being played in ceremony on Dragon Hill, May, 2006.
The World Drum being played in ceremony on Dragon Hill, May, 2008.

In May, 2008, we hosted the World Drum for a magical rite on Dragon Hill with friends from OBOD, followed by another at Avebury. This year, we are hosting the Drum for a full month, during which it will be heard in public rites at many locations, the first being Avebury in Wiltshire, with its huge sarsen stones erected by our ancestors long ago and still bearing their spirits. The huge henge at Avebury was clearly built to host large gatherings, its construction combining male and female symbolism. At least since Roman times, the female spirit of our islands has been known as Britannia, while William Blake and others have characterised the male spirit as the sleeping giant, Albion. This rite will be about reawakening the male and female spirits of our own lands, re-connecting our own spirits with them, and re-connecting them with the great spirit of our Mother Earth and with the spirits of our kin around the world who have also connected spiritually through the World Drum. Through these spiritual re-connections, our aim is to increase all of humanity’s interconnectedness, encouraging peace between peoples and renewed respect and reverence for our Mother Earth. We ask drummers and others to come and join us, bringing your own spiritual power, focussed on bringing peace and healing to our world through the heartbeat of the Drum, which is the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

The World Drum Project is an idealistic, non-profit organization founded in Norway in October 2006, with focus on peace and environmental issues. The World Drum itself was created from a spiritual vision and is a shaman drum made in Sami (indigenous people of Norway) tradition style. The World Drum is a symbol of the circle of life and that we all are connected, and is meant as a wake-up call to humanity. The vision is to bring people together across race, religion, borders, cultures, ethnicity, colours or political conviction in a common struggle for humanity and Mother Earth. As the World Drum travels from country to country, people to people and from hand to hand, its heartbeat grows stronger each day. It is a call to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth. For the last six years, the Drum has been played in ceremony around the world be people of many cultures. See the World Drum website at