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Norway’s Spirit Ways at Wild Ways

Date(s) - 09/05/2014 - 11/05/2014
All Day

Wild Ways


NorthernLightsBandx800The theme of this weekend is connecting with primordial power through sound and the soul of nature.

Coming soon to the Wild Ways spiritual centre in Shropshire, we’re delighted to announce the return of The World Drum Project founders, White Cougar, the shamanic healer and musician whose vision led to the Drum’s creation (that’s him in the middle), and Morten Wolf Storeide, who assists the Drum’s travels around the world (Morten took the picture). With them will be Lena Paalviig Johnsen (in bright blue top), Bobby Kure and Anita Dreyer, members of the amazing Norwegian shamanic band, Baalfolket. All will be bringing their drums, beautiful spirits and great good humour. Last April, they introduced us to one of the most amazing ceremonies I’ve ever been involved in, packing 45 people into our roundhouse for an unforgettable spiritual experience. And as if that wasn’t enough, they played for us as the for-one-night-only band we called The Northern Lights Shamanic Band. They were awesome.There must be something in the water in Norway, for these lovely people project warmth and humour whilst also being some of the most spiritually-attuned people I’ve ever met. If ever there was an argument against the idea that spirituality has to be dully serious, it’s these guys.
In May 2014, they will be bringing us teachings of Saami-influenced spirituality relating to spirits of land, plants and animals, as well as fantastic music and plenty of it, whether you want to trance with the spirits or get up and dance, plus ceremonies of a reality, depth, intensity and joy other ritualists rarely reach.
In short, it will be beautiful, so please keep the dates clear in your diary. You will not want to miss this. Also, bear in mind that Wild Ways has a maximum capacity of only 50 visitors, so you might want to jump straight to online booking on our payment page for the event or register your interest by contacting Elaine on 01746 861992 or by e-mail, or download the booking form: Booking Norway May 2014sm
Here’s just a little taster of the sort of thing you can expect, featuring White Cougar on flute and keyboards, with Lena on heartbeat drum, plus her beautiful, soul-stirring voice:

Chaga ceremony
Elaine’s drawing of the chaga ceremony in the roundhouse, April 2013

And here’s a draft itinerary for the weekend (subject to change as we await confirmation on a couple of items):

Friday 9th May, evening: Chaga ceremony in the roundhouse. For an idea of what to expect, see the blog on Greywolf’s Lair. The chaga ceremony is not a part of the paid workshop weekend and is offered without charge.

Saturday 10th May, from 10am to 12 midnight: Journey to the Nine Directions – Opening up the Senses – Healing and Methods – Awakening Your Powers – New Perspectives on Life – Magic & Transformation – Sound Healing Sessions – Sacred Fire Ceremony – evening concert featuring Morten, White Cougar, Lena, Bobby and Anita from Baalfolket, plus our very own Greywolf and the possibility of a special guest or two…

Sunday 11th May, from 10am to 4pm: Chakra Breathing – Communicating with Nature – Journey Into the Dreaming

The price for this intensive weekend of wonderment is £175 per person, including all food (catered by the wondrous Jade) and basic accommodation or camping. For comparison, a shamanic weekend with two teachers in Tipi Valley in Wales will set you back £240 per person. We are offering 5 teachers, plus a concert, for £65 less! How do we do it? With love and difficulty… 😉