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Druidical Hallowe’en Customs, Ceremonies & Celebrations

Date(s) - 13/10/2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Henge Shop


What are you planning for Hallowe’en this year? What did our ancestors get up to at this turning point of the year, the traditional first day of Winter? Hallowe’en games, cross-dressing, spooky tales, ghoulies, gheesties and long leggity beasties all have a long history. But what about strange divinations, future visions and making the dead welcome in our homes? And has trick or treating got anything to do with it? And what will the well-dressed Pagan Druid be wearing for one of the biggest ceremonial nights of the year?

Explore the old magic of this special time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest and the Faery Folk abroad, along with the ancestors and the old Gods of our lands. Learn some new/old things to do, and to watch out for. And hey, let’s end with a ceremony, because we can! It’s Avebury, so why wouldn’t we? Yes, we’re rather early for Hallowe’en itself, but we want to give you time to prepare for your own celebrations once you’ve drawn a draught of inspiration from our bubbling cauldron. /|\

Presented by Greywolf, Amanda, and the fine, ghostly crew of the British Druid Order.

Our venue, once again, is the excellent lecture room above the Henge Shop in Avebury. Admission just one shiny plastic £5 note for two hours of seasonal shenannagins.

Now, who’s got the eye of newt?


Phone the Henge Shop on 01672 539229 to reserve a place. Wear black…