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Gorseddau of Caer Abiri

At the Autumn Equinox (Alban Elfed) 2012 The Gorsedd of the Bards of Caer Abiri completed its first Metonic cycle of nineteen years. All of our gatherings throughout 2013 will take place as a celebration leading up to our twentieth anniversary in September.
When Philip Shallcrass inaugurated the Gorsedd in 1993 it was, I believe, the first of its kind. In naming it Caer Abiri, Philip was not only giving a sense of identity to this new and growing community but was also setting the premise of revering the place itself. Since that time we have made the rite of honouring the Guardian Spirit of Avebury the most potent aspect of this event.
Philip, joined in 1995 by Emma Restall Orr, celebrated Caer Abiri for over ten years. It has been for me a privilege and joy to carry on this tradition since 2004 and to steer the Gorsedd through this important anniversary.
In the spirit of celebration I would like to invite and encourage all who have attended, taken Bardic initiation or been involved here over the years, including Philip and Emma, to come along to one or more of our Sunday gatherings during 2013. The big one is of course at Alban Elfed in September. The dates for the rest of this year are listed below.
May the flame burn even more brightly during the next twenty years.
With many blessings
Morgan Rhys Adams
(Celebrant of Caer Abiri and Glastonbury under the Stars)

The Gorsedd musters at Noon outside the National Trust cafe in Avebury on the following dates during 2013.
Gwyl Forwyn (Imbolc) 3rd February
Alban Eilir (Spring Rite) 24th March
Calan Mai (Beltain) 5th May
Gwyl Awst (Lughnasadh) 4th August
Alban Elfed (Autumn Equinox) 22nd September
Calan Gaeaf (Samhain) 3rd November
FFI: 01458 835518

This druidic rite takes place four times each year at the solar festivals and is open to all who respect the spirits of the land and wish to walk a path with heart.
It meets at sunset on a field facing west on Cinnamon Lane Glastonbury.
Dates for 2013:
Alban Eilir: Wednesday 20th March 6pm
Alban Hefin: Friday 21st June 8.30pm
Alban Elfed: Saturday 21st September 7pm
Alban Arthan (Mistletoe Rite) Saturday 21st December 3.45pm
FFI: Phone Morgan 01458 835518

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