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BDO Groves

BDO-affiliated Groves are generally open to members of other Druid groups. They provide an opportunity for Druids in a particular area to meet together for festival celebrations, rites of passage, ritual, teaching, bardic sessions, teaching, healing, etc... To get an idea of what local Groves get up to, check out this video of the Chiltern Grove in action around the festival year...

New Groves' Co-ordinator

We would like to welcome our new groves' co-ordinator Amanda ... Amanda has long been involved with the BDO but taking this role means we can do more to help folk seeking to start groves and to find groves in their area... you can contact Amanda on {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

If you have been involved with the BDO for some time you might be familiar with the idea of groves affiliated to the BDO. If you aren't then please take a look at

We are now trying to formalise our record keeping in what groves and where want to be affiliated to us. In order the ensure completeness of records with our new system, please don't assume that we know, so, can I kindly ask everyone who feels that their grove, seed group or other collective either is or should be (or could be) affiliated to the BDO to complete the BDO Grove Affiliation Form and send it back to us. Thanks for your help.

Groves Coordinator

DIY BDO Groves - Getting Started ...

If there isn't a BDO grove in your area, why not start one? The first step is to contact others in your area who might be interested. One way to do this is through the free BDO online membership. We're compiling a mailing list of all those who sign up for this free membership. Most indicate where they live. Once we have a good number of people in the same area, we will e-mail all of them to ask if they would like to be put in touch with each other via e-mail. Members can then arrange times and places to meet. We will provide an outline Grove ritual should it be required.

Admin Apology:

Most of the links below are now inactive, some of the groves have ceased to exist, others that should be listed aren't. This site, like pretty much everything to do with the BDO, is run and maintained by volunteers in between their paid jobs. We're currently putting together a brand new website where updated information will appear in a much better looking, easier to use format full of wondrous bells and whistles. Until then, contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

The Grove of Alban Eileralbaneiler

The Grove of Alban Eiler is a young working Pagan group based in Cambridgeshire that caters for Peterborough and surroundings areas. The grove is run and co-coordinated by the Peterborough Pagan Society and incorporates different aspects of ritual from a wealth of traditions. The grove holds 8 open rituals a year to celebrate the turn of the wheel and also meets for other more focused and personal rites. The Grove continues to grow as we adopt more people and we recently celebrated our first year anniversary in the rain, wind and shine. We are a very lively and conscientious bunch, welcoming those of any pagan path to our open ceremonies with a good taste for beer and an open mind that are dedicated to learning and conserving our native soils. We work as a team to provide support and understanding for each other and we also offer public services to help the pagan and non-pagan community alike celebrate those important phases in their lives.
The Grove of Alban Eiler offers a public handfasting service for both members of the grove and non-members alike. The service is conducted by the council of the Peterborough Pagan Society to help keep that essential marker of your life journey together apparent and sacred. Handfasting is the rite of marriage, the joining of a couple. Whether you belong to a Pagan tradition or not handfasting is a most beautiful way to mark that most sacred of unions.
Grove Membership
To join the Grove of Alban Eiler you must first attend at least three of our monthly moots which fall on the last Friday of every month at the Bull Hotel, Peterborough from 7pm onwards. This will allow you to meet with other members of The Grove and get to know people before joining us in ritual. Once The Grove council are happy for you to join you will then be asked to fill out a membership form to include your main contact details and we will then invite you to attend your first ritual.
This membership system has been agreed by the council and enforced to ensure the safe keeping and well being of The Groves current membership and for newcomers to give us an idea of their dedication. People from all Pagan paths are welcome to join and there is a small group inside The Grove which has a particular interest in Druidry.
Close friends and family members of the Council and Grove Members are welcome to attend but please check with a council member first.


If you are interested in the Druid aspect side of The Grove please email Jody

If you have any queries relating to the craft please email either Darren or Shelley
Grove ritual times and dates can be found in The Grove section of the website

Ashdown Grove Hearth of the Deer

Find out more about the Ashdown Grove here

The Ashridge Grove

The Ashridge Grove in the Chilterns celebrates in the counties of Herts, Beds and Bucks. We boast the start of the Ridgeway Track and the Michael and Mary Lines either side of one of our ritual working places. Ashridge is an area of outstanding beauty and scientific interest and comprises of Beech Woods and Chalk Downland. We meet each month, in addition to celebrating the festivals, and welcome all of pure intention who are either firmly on the Druid path or still working things out or even "just looking".
We are as much seekers as anyone else so a warm welcome is always offered. We offer support to those who are unable to belong to a Grove for whatever reason and if we cannot answer your questions we will try to find someone who can.
We plan to offer workshops at minimal cost on magic and druidic subjects as required so if interested please contact us.

Grove Leader: Greymoor on 01908 314910 or email

The Chiltern Nemeton Grovechiltern grove

Area: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The Chiltern Nemeton Grove was founded on the Summer Solstice 2000 CE; situated in the Chiltern Hills, which gives our group name.
Our Clan is a deeply Ecological and Animistic one, cultivating awareness of our greater Ecological Self, seeking harmony between our human community and the greater Ecological Community that we are part.
Our Druid Ecosophy is that we understand co-existence as a multi-dimensional web of Life, which the life forces are in a fluid dynamic flow of continuous co-evolutionary change.
Through both Shamanic and Meditative communion we explore in ritual spirit to spirit communication with the Flora, the Fauna, the Mineral, our Human Ancestors within and those who once lived and died, and all that make up our Ecosystem, to Gaia and to the Ecocosm Beyond. We are Interbeings that is we are part, not the crown of evolution nor the end product of the Co-Evolutionary spirit of Awen/Imbas.
We seek the flowing spirit of Inspiration in all that we do, to cultivate awareness of the Awen/Imbas in ourselves and all around, feeling the flow of Vitality and Co-Creative Inspiration. This we encourage, all to share their creativity in song, dance, poetry, storytelling to arts and crafts throughout our Festive Eisteddfod and in our personal lives.
Our Clan honours members Rites of Passage, may that be in child naming rites, hand-fasts, funeral rites, Dedications of Initiation to their spiritual paths/roles, to any of life's changes that members would want to mark within the Clan.
We are affiliated to the Druid Network, The British Druid Order and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
For more information contact:-
Paul Sandford, Chiltern Nemeton Grove, 12 Bullace Close, Warners End, Hemel Hemspstead, Hertfordshire HP1 2PX
or email Chiltern Nemeton
Our Yahoo group as follows:

The White Dragon Seed Group

We are a small group in the East Suffolk area made up of 1 Bard, 3 Ovates and 1 Druid plus a few non druids and we get to together for seasonal celebrations and a social evening now and again to discuss spirituality in general. We are an open group, although the majority of us are at present studying with OBOD, our Druid was trained by the BDO.
Our contact person is Angela Samson, email:

Druid Clan of Celliwig

This group has evolved out of our Celtic Shamanism Course, based in Cornwall, and will hopefully serve as a group which will bring together all of those who have an interest in Druidry and Earth Spirituality whether or not they have attended the Celtic Shaman Course. More information is available here

Dreaming Tree Grove

Based in Perth – Western Australia, Dreaming Tree Grove has evolved into a collective for those who wish to come together to explore the surrounding landscape and it’s changing seasons as we each journey our way around the wheel of the year.

While our practices may be informed by nature based philosophies, such as modern Druidry, we are open to all those who wish to explore their spiritual connection to Nature and Self regardless of spiritual tradition and background. Dreaming Tree Grove is affiliated with the British Druid Order but it’s through these lands of Australia that we explore our spiritual path.

For more information or to contact us:

Bards of Turtle Island

The Bards of Turtle Island can be contacted at