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      Many blessings to all on this Winter Solstice.

      Let us hope that with the lengthening of the days and the strengthening of the sun’s rays, warmth, peace and prosperity will likewise increase for everyone.


      david poole

        Winter solstice blessings to you Dowrgi solstice blessings to everyone.

        Gordon Woodworth III

          Thank you! Happy Winter Solstice/Yule/Alban Arthan from sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL! Normally I would be preparing for our annual Bardic Yule celebration and feast, but COVID-19 has forced that event to be cancelled. So tonight my husband and I will have Wassail alone at home. Oh well! Bright blessings to all!

          Dave TheDruid-3X3

            Awens to All:

            I spent the better part of today at Work handing out Winter Solstice Xmas Cards to my Coworkers then stopped off at my Most Trusted Mechanic and gave him a Winter Solstice Card.

            Now I am back at Home and have some Incense Burning and am now posting a Xmas Card for the BDO:

            Winter Solstice Card



              Blessings to all from me and family :-)

              Josh Williams

                Thanks to all for the posts of cheer!

                We laid low and celebrated with a small fire in the cauldron, spiced apple cider, popcorn, and some time out in the snow. Missing more social gatherings this year very much- but good to know everyone is out there doing their thing :)

                Blessed Solstice!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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