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      I feel that most folks think of a druid as someone in a long white robe with a long white beard who lives in king Arthur’s Court, and is either and entertainer, or a lawyer or a doctor, or a leader, or a socerer. Also, these druids all live around in 500 AD. And in looking at druids that way, I feel there is a tendency to look a druidry as nothing more than re-enactors, kind of like a druid computer game, or a fantasy role play. And I do think that this is one of the draws to druidry that all the Harry Potter people are drawn to. And yes the Harry Potter book have brought many people to druidry, and so has the internet. So, is this really what druidry is? I don’t think so. I feel that druidry is really more of a primitive religion, that deals with real natural magic and poetry and song. I think real druidry has a connection to the Celtic otherworld, the faeries, and the Celtic Gods and goddesses. And a deep deep deep connection to nature. But, still, there is not way to think of druidry without the image of the guy dressed in white robe trying to get some mistletoe out of and oak tree. And there are other problems here too. As a druid I know that dragons are real and the faery, good folk are real, but if you see it all as a fantasy game, the whole reason for being a druid is just gone, and there really, in my opinion is no reason to dress up in the silly white robes. But on the other hand, if you see in as a serious spiritual experience, then The whole meaning of being a druid changes, and it can become a spiritual way of living, and adventure into the otherworld. But the danger is that people form a preconception of what a druid is in their minds, and can’t get past the King Arthur druid image, projecting modern law and medicine, on a fantasy past.


        I feel that many Neo-pagans have a psychological profile of what a druid is, and if druids don’t fit that profile, then they really are not welcomed in the druid online community. And I find it strange that so many people with psychology degrees call themselves druids. First, I am not the druid police, and I have no problem with anyone calling themselves a druid. Got that, I am not the Druid police. So relax. I hear all the time how the druid online community welcomes all beliefs. Fine I have no problem with that. but I do not think it is right to not respect my beliefs as a druid. And my belief as a druid is that druidry is of the faery faith, and the two are inseparable. All of the Celtic Gods are of the faery race, of the Tuatha de Dannan. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Plus Both Taliesin and Merlyn are of faery blood, and I challenge any one to prove me wrong. Again what you think and believe is totally up to you. But for me, as a druid bard, a don’t get how someone can be a druid and not of the faery faith, a faith in the Celtic otherworld, and Celtic Gods and goddesses. But, remember, I am not the druid police, so don’t go nuts on what I believe, because these are my personal beliefs and you can believe what you want to. I try to be kind to everyone. But I will not bow down to anyone who tries to tell me what to believe as a druid, and tries to fill my soul with modern psychological and modern philosophical druidry, that I think would be best kept in the academic world where it belongs, and yes I have heard all about the wounded inner child, and the macrocosm and microcosm, and the story of Taliesin 10 million times, and then told another 10 million times, and I am sure if you have been in the druid community for any length of time, you know exactly where all that stuff comes from. And I agree with Chief Greywolf about the story of Atlantis, and do not see how that story has anything to do with druidry. So, I hope I have made it clear about my beliefs on what a druid is, and I feel I should have that right, and you, my fellow druids, have every right to see druidry in your own way, and in your own bee hive hut. So A thousand blessing to you. BlueFalcon


          Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I do sense a lot of frustration here. Is that right?

          Just some friendly advice, if you spend your time worrying or cluttering up your mind with what other people say or think or pontificate about all the time, you’re not going to have any space to allow your own thoughts to form and your own inner light is going to get dazzled by all of this other light, your own inner songs are going to be drowned out by all of this noise – metaphorically speaking.

          On the one hand, if you’re on some kind of spiritual path, you need to approach it with an open heart and humility and accept the fact that a lot of people out there know more than you – just for the record, I’m including myself here; on the other hand, especially with the so-called “New Age” or Neo-this or that or the other, there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s spurious, inaccurate or misleading, so you need to try to avoid taking the wrong turns on the forest path, if you follow me that is.

          Speaking personally, when I find my head filled with mental noise and conflicting thoughts and lack of focus, I go and find a quiet place by a tree or on the beach or even in my garden, maybe take my drum, and I sit there and let the wind and the fresh air and nature talk to me. I find it very relaxing and calming and it works for me.

          By the way, a few weeks ago, I think you misunderstood what was meant when I made the comment about empty vessels making the loudest noise, I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about the people who are always telling everyone else what is what. I hope that clears the matter up.

          Anyway, this is just my perception and a bit of friendly advice, it’s up to you decide what is the right path for you.



            Thanks Dowrgi, and I am listening. And I do not feel frustrated. Further, I am not afraid to state what I believe a druid is to me. And I am not in any way trying to tell people what is what. For me, druidry has a lot to do with relationships with nature spirits, and my favorite book is the Magic of Findhorn. The book talks about Fauns, that look like Cernunnos and plant devas. Still, I will not let some Neo Pagan tell me what is what, and try to run over my beliefs with a steamroller of Neo Pagan new age psychology that is being what as what as, but is nothing more than self help new age psychology that is basically atheistic and non spiritual and all is a one world philosophy, because that is not what druidry is to me. It does not upset me in the least wee bit that other people see druidry differently than me. For as I see it, many of these new age Neo Pagan groups are nothing more than cults, and just to make it clear, I do not think the BDO is a cult. And I am listening, and carry no ill will towards anyone. Ill will only makes you sick. I can’t love all people, but I can be kind to all people. I try to always preface my statement with this is what I believe, and it is not what you have to believe, and I am not in any way trying to tell you what is what. I don’t know how to make that any clearer. But Dowrgi, if someone is against you, then they can always find some excuse to try to hurt you, and for those types of people, Any, and I mean any excuse will do. Anything they can find, and most of the time they try to take things out of context and put words in your mouth. Look, there are a lot of people who get upset over anyone who believes in spirituality and magic. So, don’t think I am the only one who experiences these types of people’s anger and rambling rage. For I am not. But again, I am not frustrated or upset, I am only stating what I believe in, and other people are free to believe what they want to, and people giving other people a hard time for being a Celtic druid and not a Neo Pagan comes with the territory of being a Celtic druid, just like drugs come with the territory of Rock n Roll. I am not trying to save anyone, or lead a movement, or get in some big argument over something I have said that is being taken out of context. But, I am listening to all views, and have an open mind. That is just the way I am. And there are always big row de dow Dows in the druid community, and there are always struggles for power and position in the druid community, and I have no interest in getting involved in them, and would never want some kind of leadership role in the druid community, and remember Dowrgi, there are professional druids, who make all their money from being druid leaders, and writing books on what is a druid is, and these players have a stake in the game. Druidry is becoming a world wide Neo Pagan religion in my opinion, and there is no way to avoid that fact in my opinion, that big money and real world power is now being played for, and I am so tired of having to qualify every thing I say with, in my opinion, but I don’t want anyone to try to say that I am telling them what is what, for I am not. If you disagree with me, that is fine. Still, I have the right to say what I think druidry is for me, in my opinion. And I am not afraid to disagree with people, and I do try to explain my reasoning. And I am listening to all views. Further my head is not full of noise, and find great peace and stillness in Druidry. Welcome to the Jungle. One more thing I would say, is don’t follow leaders, and watch the parking meters.

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            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              What defines a Druid is pretty much in this OBOD Poster that I downloaded from their Website:

              OBOD Poster

              For some reason, that Poster is no longer available on the OBOD Website. That is a copy that I downloaded in the mid 2000s or so.

              But the sentiments in this Poster really defines that Druids are about.



                Dear 3×3, I think that the OBOD is a Neo Pagan group and I strongly disagree with what they think defines a Druid. What they have in there dogma propaganda brochure defines a Neo Pagan. It all sounds sweet, too sweet. It is all part of their one world religion, a one size fits all. but listen 3×3, if the OBOd’s one world religion works for you, that is fine. I am not the druid police, and I am not here to tell you what a druidry is for you. However, for me, I have a very different view of what defines a druid. I think that the OBOD is trying to be everything to everyone so they can attract the maximum number of new converts to their mushrooming one world religion. but, I don’t have anything against the OBOD, I see it for what I think it is. There are some great people in the OBOD, some great witches and druids. I think Chief Greywolf is a member. I think the BDO is closer to what my view of what a druid is than most of the other online druid groups out there. Chief Greywolf has some really good ideas about what a druid is and he is also not afraid to state his views, in short he is not wishy washy like so many druid leaders are. However, I think the OBOD also has a dark side. Further, their are things about the OBOD that I would not touch or talk about with a 10 foot druid staff because many of the OBOD members use the OBOD doctrines to define their life and core personality, their OBOD ego, and they go nuts if you disagree with any of the OBOD doctrine. And a lot of people who start off with the OBOD to try to learn something about being a druid, later break off from the group. Look, if you like the OBOD indoctrination that is fine. I think that the OBOD’s indoctrination is very psychological and self help oriented. And again, to wrap up what I am saying is that each druid should decide what he or she thinks druidry is for him or herself. But still, there are many people who are looking for a savior, and like to be told what to believe, and not think for themselves, and then go around telling everyone else what is what. And there are people who use their OBOD rank to prove that they are a druid (Neo Pagan) and slap their OBOD membership credentials on every book they write. The OBOD is not the only way to look at being a druid. The OBOD says they have no dogma, but I strongly disagree with that, and I think that they very much have an agenda, a one world religion agenda. But, I alway feel that druidry is best lived in small groves and not mega groves like the Neo Pagan OBOD group.

                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                  I have had enough Experience with the OBOD to tend to Agree with what BlueFalcon is saying is True.

                  But with ever Organization, Grove or Group of 20 People or more that I have ever dealt with, there is always a Dogmatic Jackass that shows up and starts Ruling and Regulating the Crap out of the rest of the Group.

                  That is one of the Main Reasons I finally got Fed Up with the Royal Canadian Legion a year ago and have quit that Organization of Dogmatic Jackasses.



                    Look 3×3, I try not to carry any ill will towards anyone because it will only make you sick, and I always take the high road of love in all situations. I am sure there are many great people at the OBOD, but when peoples egos’ and bank accounts get on the line, people can act in all kinds of crazy ways. I experience Druidry as a really calming and magical way to relate to nature and experience all of its beauty. Also, I think the OBOD has, in its own round about way, brought a lot of people to experience some kind of druidry, and their core message is really not that bad. I try to stay out of the row de dow Dows and go for the good things that people are sharing. I am sure it is very hard to be a druid or a Neo Pagan leader, and I would not wish it on anyone, but some brave souls like Greywolf step up and fill the position, and I honor him for that. I hope the BDO can always be a kind and loving place, a place where creativity and spiritual exploration are promoted, a place where people of the magical kind can share their experiences with other people who have heard the music of the faery world and the otherworld, a place where people who feel a strong relationship to the natural magic of the world can find support, and a place of stillness, and peace. I guess some of the problems arise because I think most people hold strong views on what they believe, and anyone who thinks different from them probably is a challenge to their core values, which can be quite frightening, so they react in a defensive way to protect their sense of self. And I find that when you deal with the OBOD, you are talking to some, not all, but some real witches, and some of them do practice putting curses on people and black magic. However, witches who use black magic are not getting away with anything, even if they Brag that they do. There was one witch at the OBOD who bragged online that she was a witch and had no problem with cursing people. What she does not understand is that she is not only hurting other people by cursing them, she is also hurting herself, and putting a curse on someone is like pouring gasoline on yourself and setting yourself on fire. And another problem I have with the OBOD is that they seem to not understand or recognize that their are evil spirits and that not everything in the magical world is nice and pleasant. I have found that if you go messing with black magic, or evil spirits, you will regret it big time, and I try to stay away from the dark side of things, but I feel that the OBOD just does not really talk about the subject. See, Carr Gomm, was a psychologist and a witch, and yes he is a powerful witch, make no mistake. There is a lot of witchcraft going on over at the OBOD in my opinion, and I am not really sure that witchcraft and druid spirituality mix. In fact I am starting to think that they do not, and should not be stirred together in the same cauldron. However, make no doubt about it, I love the witches, and they have saved my life many times. But, that said I think druids should be druids, and witches witches, and that the OBOD does not really make that distinction. I think the OBOD should change their name to the Order of Witches and Neo pagans because it would be less confusing that way. Look, this is just the way I see it now, maybe I am wrong, but for now that is my general take on the OBOD. I am alway listening and open to other peoples views. I think that druids will find a better home at the BDO, and I think that Chief Greywolf is a real druid, and remember he was never a witch, and has always been a druid, and again thank you Chief Greywolf for taking on the leadership role because I know it is a lot of work.

                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                      BlueHawk Wrote: “but when peoples egos’ and bank accounts get on the line, people can act in all kinds of crazy ways.”

                      That sort of thing goes on all the Time! Even the Buddhist Temple whose Community Garden I work on has had such People who have been acting in such Crazy Ways.

                      And there has been a Recent Development in Celtic Buddhism that has shown me that even Buddhism is Not Perfect.


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