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    Mark Scales

      Good evening to all

      I wanted to introduce myself and wish you all well in uncertain times. I have recently set out on a new adventure by undertaking the Bardic Course with great enthusiasm and an open mind. I genuinely look forward to conversing with you all and making friends with like minded individuals as I set out on my studies. My kindest regards to you all, Mark


        Like you Mark, I have started to undertake the Bardic course which I originally subscribed to back in Sept 2020. Due to a number of matters work, busy family life and looking for a new career have seen this fall by the wayside. Something re-jigged itself into place over the weekend when running in the Amesbury area. No doubt Silbury hill played a huge part in this whilst wondering how long and why it was built, all aided by the sound of the river running by.

        Top tip, if you do get moments like this jot them down in your Druid journal.

        Reminds me, must begin to practice what I preach and spend more time learning to play the banjo. Good luck mate.


          Hi there and welcome. I hope you find it rewarding. I’ve recently completed the Bardic Course and I’m working on the Ovate course, which is a very different kettle of fish!



            Any top tips or best practices that you would advise?



              Hale and welcome, Mark!
              Good to virtually meet you. Having spent that last 14 months updating the bardic course, I’m as excited about it now as I was when it first went online a decade or so ago. I trust you’ll get as much out of it as I have. Apart from anything else, reworking it has helped keep me relatively sane throughout the pandemic and associated lockdowns. One of the biggest takeaways from it is the simple but vitally important message that creativity is good for us, for all those we come into contact with, and for the world at large. Enjoy the journey!
              Many blessings,
              Greywolf /|\

              david poole

                Welcome Roge, the Bardic course is quite intensive I don’t know if this applies to everyone but I find it difficult to study further outside of Bardism due to how deep this study already is. Music, song, poetry, writing, art, storytelling and performing are all good areas to study, this is generally the sort of thing which Bards ought to be doing. Try to find groups for these if you can as working an audience is a very useful skill to acquire. This should gradually become easier as we move out of lockdown. The Bardic Handbook by Kevan Manwaring might be quite useful, apart from that I am not sure whether there are many specifically Bardic guides available I will attempt to look into this. Also Roge, look at the current guidelines for students on the downloads page as it contains certain advice regarding sharing your work as proof of Bardic learning, either here or elsewhere or with a tutor. This may provide you with a way to measure your improvement, I must use this more myself.

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