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      Thank you for handling this. I’m sorry it happened. It’s so exhausting to find these people in every corner. It’s such a relief to just be somewhere and ‘be’ and focus on what we’re here to do instead of navigate folks like him.
      I appreciate all that was done to make this a safe space.

      Hi Josh. You did nothing wrong and I’m glad you’re back and that you feel welcome and in a safe place. I like to think of everyone on our druid path as a companion and to use the Cornish motto, “onen hag oll” – “one and all” – companions stand together.

      On your bio, there’s a link to your herbalism centre, I’m looking forward to nice herbal tisane recipes that you could recommend to us! 🙂 Recently I’ve been experimenting with something new, water kefir or tibisco, and after a few mishaps – champagne-like explosions 😀 – I’m getting the hang of it and I’ve just made a nice batch of ginger beer. Any tips would be really appreciated!


      david poole

        @dowrgi I think I know what you are referring to, it is known as seidr I will do some research into this and come back later. This was surprising news and something which I was not aware of, lbgtq members of the Muslim community finding support online. On the other hand they have had to deal with some very negative comments, which we do not get to see. The girl who speaks here said that her family treated her as if she was dead at first. It is a shame that anyone should have to face difficulties like that.

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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