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      I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to reconstruct druidry except going to the source of the spring itself. No study of history or archeology will help you. No travel guide from 49 AD. is going to tell you what druidry is. Anyone going that way is just making it all up based on modern day templates. But be of good cheer. We do have some guidepost. First we have to go to the source, and the source is nature. So go out in the woods and find a world tree. This will be a large tree in a forest that is the keeper of all the other trees. When you find this tree, and I hope it is an oak but it may be another kind of tree, depending on the forest, you need to place your hands on the tree, and you need to sit with your back up against it. Then you need to meditate and start to consciously communicate with this world tree. Second, you need to look at places like new grange, and a grange is just another word for a farm, to find the symbols you will need to unlock the doors to druidry. Your journey will be a spiritual and astral journey. You will make contact with ancient druids and druid energy. this is where you will find the druids. Also, you should try to learn what you can about shamanism. Although many druids think shamanism is not a Celtic practice, they are wrong. The druids did practice shamanism. And a third way to get to the source, which is where you need to be, is to explore the faery kingdoms. These are found on land and in the sea. You will need all three keys to unlock the doors to the druid world. Again, theoretical pondering of roman writings will not get you where you need to go, and neither will arguing over history. You will know you are on the right path because the Celtic Otherworld will be making contact with you. Remember, meditate on druid symbols, which can be found on standing stones and recumbent stones. It will be important to travel into the forest and to power locations. Your journey will inspire and empower you into whole new ways to live in this world. And your journey begins now. Good Luck THE SPELLCASTER


        The druids never used the word awen. Awen is a welsh word. The druids did not speak welsh. duh.
        I like the word awen, but it was not used by the druids. It is used by modern Neo pagans, or what we know as hippies with drums. I am fine with the word awen, but trying to say it is a real druid word is just not true. And remember the Taliesin poems were written much latter by Christian Monks, who were trying to convert Irish tribes to christianity, and they did a dam good job of it. Go to the source, not the hippies with drums if you want to be a druid.


          SEE going to the source is the whole essence of druidry, and the reason that the druids did not write anything down. If they wrote a book with a series of rules, people would have followed the rules like the obodians follow their lesson books, and miss the whole point of druidry, and be completely mislead. This is why christian fundamentalist are lost, and never find the true meaning of christianity. As a druid, you have to think for yourself, and you have to go directly to the source of inspiration, of nature, of the faery kingdoms to find the answers you seek. Druidry is not a religion where someone will tell you the secrets. Now many people who think they are druids are only following magic. There is nothing wrong with this, but druidry is much more than magic. You have to get beyond a rule book of codified belief to be a druid. I am not saying don’t study magic and the occult, I am only saying that there was a reason the druids did not leave books on this. It was done on purpose so that future druids would not be ruled by dogma and codified belief systems that only lead to a stale and stagnate life. Life is full of magic and wonder, and you have to be open to it, and not think that you have all the answers because you read them in an obodian course. All the time I see authors say on their books that they are obod trained, and I think it is more like obod brainwashed. The one other thing I see that makes no sense is people who say they are atheist and call themselves druids. This makes no sense to me. The very essence of being a druid is spiritual, it is more than just cheap magic tricks to get sex and money. Druidry will never be a path for those who want to follow and do not want to question and go against the channel of thought that is controlling society. Druids think for themselves, and question the status quo. We do not accept the blind authority of religions. And we think deeply. We are more than philosophers, we are explorers of the natural spiritual world.


            It is very important to remember that Taliesin was not a druid. Taliesin was of faery blood and son to the great grain goddess Ceridwen. Ceridwen takes Taliesin from a pile of corn seed. He was never a druid. So to base your concept of druidry on the story of Taliesin is basing your concept of druidry on faery lore and not real druids. However, druids did have a lot to do with the faery kingdoms, but they also have a lot to do with the natural magic of earth energy and spiritual tree magic and spiritual animal magic and spiritual plant magic. The druids were more likely to have used the world inspiration than awen. And inspiration has the world spirit in it. Welsh did not really get going to about 80 ad at best. Awen is a good word though for the modern druid because it means flowing inspiration along with its association with the word aum, or om. Druids were for the most part human, but there were and are some druids like me that do have a wee bit of faery blood in them. So, saying Taliesin was a druid makes no sense. Merlyn was also of faery blood, so can’t be used as a model of a druid either. Most modern Neo pagans want to use the template of a druid as someone who was a big pig in society, like a lawyer, or a doctor. First, you hear stories of the druids being able to stop battles. And nobody can stop a battle unless they have some power backing them up. so the druids had some real magic power, but seems it was not enough on Angsley. I like the idea of druids having groves of trees to worship in and this makes perfect sense to me. The trees would be used as world trees to travel into the Celtic Otherworld realms. Now the poems of Taliesin were written by christian monks trying to entertain themselves and cannot not be used as authentic druid lore. At best they are a mixture of christianity and some local folk tales, and the real Taliesin wrote much better poetry. Neo pagans often point to the poems to further the idea of oneness. But the poems are not about oneness, they are only a imitation of bible verse and latin, which by the way was a language in play after the romans showed up and even before that, because it was being used in Europe. So, in 49ad, there were people speaking latin in Britain, not a lot but traders would use it. Further, people forget the druids were in Scotland and Ireland. It seems to be that this is forgotten or overlooked when people use druidry to enhance their britishness, and some British are more British than others. And there were no radios and tvs and interstates and trains back then, so people did not go all that far, and things were more local and tied to nature for survival. Boats were the way to get around, and there was a lot of boat travel. Also, the people of the early time, were thugs and killed and raped people and stole, and died young from disease. To romanticize the life of a druid is just putting the whole thing in a false world. Life was hard, music was rare, and tribes fought tribes over land and power. I feel that druidry lasted longer in Scotland, and Ireland, but the church did eventually go after it, and the Presbyterians in Scotland to this day hate magic, but not all of them and times are changing. I was talking to this guy from Scotland and he was really against bringing back Gaelic. I got news for him, it is on its way back, and the pigs who have been controlling Scotland are being told by the magical community in Scotland that the pigs days are over. Even in England, times are changing, and people are not going to keep being controlled by the Christian Church and the house of Windsor. The old systems are just not working anymore, and people are tired of the bankers starting wars for profit.


              Hello there.

              There seems to be a bit of a contradiction in what you’ve written. On the one hand, we are to ignore the writings of the Celtic Christian monks and scribes and dispense with awen as druidic concept, but on the other hand we have to see Ceridwen as a goddess for which there is no evidence as such, other than those very writings which we are to ignore? The other difficulty is that the Welsh tales were written down in a time when Ireland was nigh on converted anyway. In fact, the Irish were historically the bigger colonisers of the western parts of Britain at that time, hence the ogham stones found in Britain.

              We should also be careful about dismissing out of hand what the Greek and Roman writers wrote. Inasmuch as we need to take everything with a pinch of salt, at the same time, just for example, the only real evidence we have for the associations with mistletoe and oak come from those same writers.

              I’d also be careful with interpreting megaliths as specifically druidic, I believe that there is no way that the ancient peoples of these islands would not have noticed these imposing monuments, but at the same time they pre-date Celtic-speaking cultures in Britain and Ireland by millennia. There’s not much to suggest that they were specifically druidic.

              The Welsh, Cornish and Breton languages are the direct descendants of the Ancient British or Brythonic dialects that were spoken when the Romans arrived and they are related to Gaulish. Curiously enough, the Celtic and Italic languages seem quite closely related within the family of the Indo-European languages and the farther back you go, the more similarities you can find.

              Remember too, that there are different threads of Celtic spirituality and culture and the bardic tradition is the one that really did survive the travails of time, war, conquest and change right up until the historical period – albeit hanging by a thread. I don’t think we should dismiss these traditions as they are still a part of living Celtic cultures and very much integral to the survival of the Celtic languages, most of which are in a pretty desperate state to be honest.



                I think it would be interesting to connect with the solar energy of the sun in a spiritual way. I think there is evidence that the druids did this. Does anyone know about this? And Dowgri, please continue with any other thoughts you have on all of this. I like your input and in makes me think.
                I am not trying to say we should dismiss awen, or the tales of Taliesin, but I do think we need to look at where they came from. And of course we are all always learning. And the fact is we really don’t have all that much to go on, so we go on what we have. I think that most people would agree that druidry is an alternative form of spirituality. And I do think we get ideas from the past writings we have. I do disagree with you about Ceridwen because I am very close to the goddess and she has told me she is a grain goddess and not a witch. But if you like to see it differently, that is fine. The welsh language is a beautiful language and I love the welsh for fighting for it, what red dragons. And remember, Dowgri, what ever I say, Britain did give us Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Winston Churchill, who is a hero of mine, and who was a military genius for bombing the French fleet so hitler could not use the French ships to invade England. What ever people feel about England and the British, the British have given the world language and a great cultural heritage. I hope most of all that druids will find peace and a relationship with nature. So, there are many ways to climb a tor. Speaking on that, I am thinking of making a druid robe. Some people say muslim is a good material for it because it keeps cool. I really don’t want any thing too hot. And I will have to learn how to use the sewing machine to do this. But I will druid up and get the thing made. I think I also want some embroidery on it. And I would also like a gold torc. But I am a big guy and this will be hard to find, and super expensive, so it needs to be cool. On a lighter note, the druid herbs I planted all died because I forgot to water them, and one day in the sun did them in, so I am going to need to rethink how to get the herbs started from seeds. I may need to build a hot house, but I was also thinking about hydroponics. I wonder if hydroponics is very druidry. And as always I keep finding out more and more about magic, and it seems that once you start on that path the information starts appearing from the universe. I am trying to make time to go to the forest everyday, but right now it is 100 degrees in Virginia during the day. Also, please remember I am not trying to tell anyone how to think, I am just expressing my current views, and I am always open to change, and really enjoy people telling me I am wrong, so that I can rethink my ideas. The goal is to become more enlightened and happy, and not to adhere to some strict religious code. Most of the fun of druidry is experimenting with new ways to look at nature and the world. And that is why I think it would be interesting to explore the energy of the sun, and is it a form of spiritual energy. I mean there does not seem to be a sun god, so the sun must have been its own god. I have found certain Celtic symbols do act as keys to open doors when I meditate, and that is why I mentioned them. Best wishes, and thanks for your input. William


                  And don’t forget the British gave the world Led Zeppelin++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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