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    merlin hickman

    a couple of days ago i received a letter providing me with my postal vote. i was a little confused as the green party was not on it; this was the party which i voted for at the last election. in the event i voted for the labour party, which i consider would do more for poor people, old people and the disabled. i consider the conservatives to be very poor on these grounds. i don’t know whether that was the best choice, but under the circumstances it seemed like the right thing to do. i am not really impressed with any of the political parties, i get the impression that they are trying to obtain gain for themselves rather than helping others. on the other hand, i do know that we are destroying our planet and that our time is running out. the planet will still be in danger loner after the politicians are gone. therefore the future, the planet which supports us, should be our priority. i guess that this is one of the concerns which led me to a spiritual path such as druidry. in practical terms, spirituality has crossed over with the need for action. in terms of conscience, supporting the less well off is the humane concern. i guess that as druids we would be concerned with that as a way of creating greater peace.


    Hi Merlin,

    I am a Green Party member – it is probably the case that the local party did not have the resources to stand a candidate – although we are growing and are quite strong in some parts of the country we are still small relative to others and lack the big donations other parties get. Hope this helps explain why you did not have a Green party option.




    Hello Merlin.

    I voted Green in our last provincial election. f not now, when? Truly I feel it is our best option right now and, it reflects my values much better than some of the other parties. Sadly, the United Conservative party was elected here instead, but that’s what democracy is all about. If more people, had not been afraid to vote according to their convictions, perhaps things would have turned out differently. That’s democracy. Regardless of the outcome, participation is still important. Voting is a privilege, to be grateful for. The leader of our federal Green Party Elizabeth May has stepped down. I have deep admiration for her and am sad to see her go. Becoming a member is on my to-do list.

    david poole

    We have a right to vote, this is a democratic right. I voted for Labour because I believe that they are more interested in the people than the Conservatives. I am not sure exactly what politicians are up to and fear that they think our needs are just a game. As for the Green Party, there is a lot to be said for this party. I do not think that any political party we have covers every area of conservation or protest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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