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      Got cards pulled for me yesterday and this one card kept appearing and brought up memories of old. Really shows how long I’ve been in tune with Awen but didn’t know it.

      The card reminded me of the Tone Clouds in which my Older brother drew to be tattooed. Those clouds that also inspired me to write this short story over ten years ago when I was deep into pure intonation musical tunings and instrumentation.

      I updated the pronouns to honor the people.

      The Generator

      As they sit in front of today’s machine, they don’t think about much.
      No pre-planned arrangement or timed engagement. Their watch as no hands.
      The thinking and tinkering are already complete. Now only to make the clouds.

      The Generator, as they will be called from here out, has an interesting occupation. They are responsible to generate the clouds in which we see.
      The most effective method is via Sound.

      There are many machines they can choose from but for this session it’s the keys. The piano like instrument allows them to sound the clouds with the most colorful of pallets. With every note struck, this instrument provides new and elaborate forms instantaneously.
      Outside of the struck sound it creates melodic unstruck clouds of pure sound.
      It may be cumbersome but the time spent here can also be enjoyed.

      This being like all the other machines of the Generator’s choosing. It has to be of a non-dual nature. Giving the ability to harness the densest and darkest tones,
      all the way up to the loftiest and bright.

      With this machine and all the others though, the Generator still prefers that in which the Sound comes from Within. This allows for the sudden cloud creation anywhere they are. Creating a bit of discord for those who contain the clouds and control their output.

      You see, the Generator only creates the sound. They do not get to let them out.
      For if it were up to them, they would be let out as created. This of course would upset those who prefer the illusion of blue sky peace of mind. Everyone thinks that all Sound generated together would create a beauteous rainbow of color.

      Quite the contrary.

      When Sound is put into the air, it begins to unify and build what becomes the most elegant of gray-scale one has ever seen. That is why the Generator’s favorite days are when the machines cannot control their clouds and they get to enjoy them all at once; A dense cloudy day.

      Wave after wave of gray covers the city’s people and only the few find the true comfort amongst the clouds. It may seem a too philosophical but the enlightened feeling during a blue skied day is not true. These days of silence can be the most easiest to feel good but one mustn’t waver when the cloudy days come.

      Each key played may seem different,
      Evoking variations of Sound and still all are connected via the same board.
      It’s not called a keyboard for nothing.
      This is not to suppose that each key is a relative part to a greater or whole setup. But that each key contains every Sound, and can produce the absolute sum of total Sound.

      It took a lot of work and research for the Generator to discover this. They could have simply continued to think that every sound is separate and can only represent a sole color.

      It finally came to them after they abandoned the machines all together.
      Twas then that they discovered that they themselves are the instrument and that all sound comes from the same source.
      This source is to be found not without but Within each of us. The cradle of our depths from which all creative things come. The place that even allows such a lay person as myself to tell this tale.

      A place like this is not for the faint though. It requires an utmost dedication and discipline. It is Not for entertainment.

      . . .

      As they play, there is no dwelling on each note but a play upon everyday things to which people will recognize.
      A trick they do to amuse themself later on when the Fool’s try to convince others that the clouds look like their Aunt Theresa or a buffalo.
      This of course is the more superficial of plays.

      Cloud creation for the sake of the clouds are the best sessions.
      Simply sitting and intoning each cloud as would a boutique builder creating a masterpiece. Every cloud reminiscent of the other but different too. A lingering of gray around the Generator when they pull them up from the deoths. Letting each one out without any one to capture them.
      This sometimes gets dangerous when they begin to get carried away and have a call and response with earlier clouds.

      Adding more breath to each note,
      it thickens the clouds until
      cracking into thunder.
      The bass always rumbles up a bit of chaos to rattles the walls.

      Fun times these are.


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