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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      david poole wrote:
      “The last time I looked there was an extensive library of reference material, including many rare and valuable texts”.

      I click on the Members Icon then click on the Druid Library Icon and I get 5 E-Books that are available for Download.

      They are:
      – Animal Lore of Shakespeare’s Time.
      – Bear Ceremonialism.
      – Dragons & Dragon Lore.
      – Gaelic Names of Beast & Birds.
      – The Celtic Dragon Myth.

      And that is it.

      So david poole says there is an Extensive Library of Reference Material. Where is it?

      I did notice that the 5 Star Reviews for each Book is Blank. So I might have to read over each E-Book and post a Review for them.


      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        I attempted to Preview ‘Animal Lore of Shakespeare’s Time’ but that did not work so had to Download it. I am currently scanning through it. It was written in 1883 so its Copy Right has expired. After scanning through it a bit, I went back and tried the Icon for rating the Book and that did not work. The only thing that works with the Book is Downloading it.

        So there must be some Restorations needed for the BDO Library from what I have seen so far.


        david poole

          This has actually changed from time to time to tell you the truth, it used to be on the main page under Members under Student Support Area it came and went. There used to be several different subject areas each with multiple files in pdf format, then it went away then it came back again. Clearly this has been streamlined somewhat. I still have all of those files if you want to look at them yourself. I don’t know how I would pass them across, maybe by email? I think they were too old to be affected by copyright as they were sometimes medieval or Irish or other quite old files.

          Dave TheDruid-3X3

            Glanced over the first 28 Pages and it appears to be a no nonsense Zoology Book and describes the Animals and there Characteristic in a concise way. It could be something that Charles Darwin would have approved of.

            I have to go do some Community Gardening to put in my Tomatoes and plant more Corn at the Buddhist Temple Community Garden. I will be back this evening to have another look at this E-Book this evening and post a Review about it.


            david poole

              The last time I downloaded these files they were all in pdf format, this occurred on December 4th the files involved included the following:

              Welsh Folklore by Elias Owen 1887
              The Welsh Fairy Book by W. Jenkyn Thomas 1908
              Celtic Folklore vol II by John Rhys 1901
              Celtic Folklore vol I by John Rhys 1901
              British Goblins by Wirt Sykes 1880
              Shamanism in Siberia by M A Czaplicka 1914
              Koryak Texts by Waldemar Bogoras 1913
              Chukchee Mythology by Waldemar Bogoras 1913
              The Celtic Dragon Myth by J. F. Campbell 1911
              Highland Superstitions by Alexander MacGregor 1901
              Carmina Gadelica Vol III by Alexander Carmichael 1940
              Carmina Gadelica Vol II by Alexander Carmichael 1900
              Carmina Gadelica Vol I by Alexander Carmichael 1928
              Carmina Gadelica Vol I by Alexander Carmichael 1900
              Poems and Translations from Ancient Celtic Bards 1843
              Gaelic Names of Beasts Birds Fishes Etc. by Alexander Forbes 1905
              Fragments of Ancient Poetry Scotland 1760
              A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland by Martin Martin 1716
              aphuw-8-tuning supplement
              aphuw 7 verse
              aphuw 6 rhythm
              aphuw 5 metre appendix
              aphuw 4 technique
              aphuw 3 tuning
              aphuw 2 synopsis
              Musical Monuments from Medieval Meath by Ann Buckley
              Cuchulain the hound of Ulster by Eleanor Hull 1911
              Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland by Lady Wilde 1887
              The Pursuit of Dermot and Grainne by Standish O Grady 1880
              In the Gates of the North by Standish O Grady 1908
              Finn and his Companions by Standish O Grady 1892
              Battles and Enchantments from Early Gaelic Literature by N. J. O’Connor 1922
              An Old Irish Prayer for Long Life by Kuno Meyer 1914
              Lebor Gabala Erenn Vol V by R A S Macalister 1956
              Lebor Gabala Erenn vol IV by R A S Macallister 1941
              Lebor Gabala Erenn vol III by R A S Macalister 1940
              Lebor Gabala Erenn vol II by R A S Macalister 1939
              Lebor Gabala Erenn vol I by R A S Macalister 1938
              Fled Bricrend The Feast of Bricriu by George Henderson 1899
              Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in Scotland by Donald Mackinnon 1912
              Annals of the Four Masters vol I 1856
              Bretha Dein Checht by D A Binchy 1966
              Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts vol V 1913
              Ancient Laws of Ireland vol IV by B and W 1879
              Ancient Laws of Ireland vol I 1865
              Ancient Irish Poetry by Kuno Meyer 1911
              The Voyage of Bran by Kuno Meyer
              The Metrical Dindsenchas pt IV by Edward Gwynn 1924
              The Metrical Dindsenchas pt II by Edward Gwynn 1906
              The Cattle Raid of Cuailgne by L. Winifred Faraday
              Lives of Saints from the Book of Lismore by Whitley Stokes 1890
              The Colloquy with the Ancients by Standish Hayes O Grady
              Silva Gadelica vol 2 Translations by Standish Hayes O Grady
              Fate of the Children of Tuireann by R O Duffy 1901
              Cormac s Glossary 1868
              Auriacept na N Eces The Scholars Primer by George Calder 1917
              Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland vol 2 by W G Wood Martin 1902
              Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland vol 1 by W G Wood Martin 1901
              Pagan Ireland by W G Wood Martin 1895
              On the history and Antiquities of Tara Hill by George Petrie 1837
              Archaeology of Ireland by R A S Macalister 1928
              Ancient Ireland by R A S Macalister b and w 1935
              Ancient Ireland by R A S Macalister 1935
              Giraldus Cambrensis the Topography of Ireland
              Giraldus Cambrensis The Conquest of Ireland
              A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland by P W Joyce 1906
              Keating s History of Ireland 1861 1
              Keating s History of Ireland 1861
              Old English Herbals by Eleanour Rohde 1922
              Medicine in Antient Erin 1909
              Bretha Dein Checht by D A Binchy 1966
              Ancient Cures Charms and Usages of Ireland by Lady Wilde 1890
              Culpepers Complete Herbal 1790
              Revue Celtique #44 1927
              Revue Celtique #43 1926
              Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race by T W Rolleston 1911
              Celtic Myth and Legend by Charles Squire 1905
              Celtic Heathendom by John Rhys 1898
              Celtia Magazine 1901
              Survival in Belief among The Celts by George Henderson 1911
              Prophecies of Thomas of Erceldoune by James Murray 1875
              British Fairy Origins by Lewis Spence 1946
              The Celtic Dragon Myth by J F Campbell 1911
              Gaelic Names of Beasts and Birds by Alexander Forbes 1905
              Dragons and Dragon Lore by Ernest Ingersoll 1928
              Bear Ceremonialism by Irving Hallowell 1926
              Animal Lore of Shakespeare’s Time by Emma Philipson 1883

              An extensive list as I am sure you will agree, don’t forget a very rare edition of The Druid’s Voice Number 18 available from the shop which you may never have seen before.


                I think I understand the problem here. The library opens up and there’s a column, if you look up at the top, however, and click on the different column headings, different lists of materials come up.

                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                  Oh – That Worked Out. My Confusion is Sorted.



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