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      The apple branch with silver bells on it was used to call the Celtic otherworld, and open doors to the sacred grove. druidry will start to Become authentic again as the druids receive teachings from the Celtic Otherworld. So far, the revival of the Neo pagan druids is just setting the stage for the real revival of druidry. And we also have to reclaim our gods and goddesses from the christians who changed Lugh into the angel Michel. Unlike what many Neo pagans think, druidry is a real religion and has worship of the Celtic Gods and goddesses. This is an historical fact. The druids were the priest of the Celtic Otherworld to the tribes. live the magic.

      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        Awens to Startree:

        I Agree Completely!

        But we have to find the Magical Secret to try to Revive The Worship of The Celtic Gods & Goddesses in Harmony with the Gods of the Monotheistic Religions.

        And it would take Very Strong Magic to get those Monotheistic Religions to become Harmonious with our Celtic Gods & Goddesses.



          then we will need strong magic, but also, I do agree that druidry is pretty much what ever you want it to be. So, if you are not into the Celtic Gods deal, it really does not matter, and you are still just as much a druid as anyone else who says, hey, I am a druid. What makes druids is probably more an attitude toward nature and ecology, and yes, I think a lot of us are kind of hippy, but I may be wrong. And I still think a lot of druids don’t like the idea of the monoltheistic religions that have destroyed their lives. Religions can have many flaws. druidry is about rethinking our relationship with nature. I have always felt that many religions have a lot in common with buddhism, or should. we should respect all life, and I am really against capital punishment and locking people up because they are addicted to drugs. we need to all be kind to each other.
          and wooooooo it is getting exciting now, Harvest home is just seven days away. Of course the great pumpkin is real, and he is the spirit of all the pumpkins. And now the harvest is brought in by robots and gps systems, and less and less people are in touch with the land. the great harvesters are all computer controlled and no one is in them.


            one of the problems of living in Chester Virginia, USA is that if I wear a white druid robe around here, the blacks, and there are lots of them, will think I am a kkk member. And lord, I don’t know what they would do if they saw me burning anything over at my house. They would probably think it is a cross that I am burning on my front yard, when it would be nothing more that the 9 sacred druid woods. Anyway, I don’t think I will try it. We do have some druid groups in VA Beach which is about a 3 hour drive on a very congested highway, 64. I will have to start a druid group at some time, but for now I need more research into what a druid is. Is there something I am missing? Should druids hold bake sales? Should druids walk around in public in their druid robes? How do druids dance? Is druid dancing like Scottish country dancing? are there a lot of gay druids in England? I’m not gay, but I wonder, does druidry have lots of gay psychologist in it. Were the ancient druids gay? I know the romans were into it. And the those greek guys got gay after a lot of wine, kind of like red necks after two six packs of beer. run.

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