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      This is a really interesting order, and on their site they say, “Many modern Druids take their inspiration from Celtic mythology, language and may revere Celtic deities.”+ I remember this guy who started this group as talking about how their were people on Anglesey who just worshiped the goddess Bridgit and devoted their lives to her. “The Anglesey Druid Order was established by Druid author Kristoffer Hughes in 1999.” From site quote. I think Kris is an undertaker, and was once a member of the OBOD and may still be. But he is definitely doing his own form of druidry. Anyway, there are druids out there who do think that he Celtic Gods and Goddess are sacred. As far as I am concerned anyone can call themselves a druid, but I also think that druidry is starting to wake up that druids have a relationship with the gods and goddesses and the faery folk. Druidry is on the change and is an old religion being rediscovered, and it is starting to split off from the neo pagans, just like Kris split off from the obod.

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