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      I have been searching for assistance since March 04 in regards to a Bard Course that I signed up for as well as a membership. I sent e-mails to several addresses as well as made a facebook post in the group and haven’t received a reply. Am now trying here and would like very much to be able to have contact with someone as I have yet to receive any information at all.

      Thank you,


        Hello there and greetings.

        What is the problem exactly? Have you not been able to access course content? In which case, it should be available to you once you’ve completed your subscription, if you follow the top right link Members> Members Home Page> Course Downloads – mine always comes up automatically. If this isn’t the problem, then perhaps you should try contacting either or

        That’s about all I can offer in way of assistance.



          Greetings Dowrgi,

          Thanks for your attention and kind reply, and for engaging with me in my experience of joining.

          When I initially purchased the Bardic course membership, I was never re-directed to a confirmation of my purchase, nor did I receive a confirmation e-mail from druidry, since then two more payments have been taken as is the service I paid for, but there just hasn’t been anything in way of an introduction to what the process is or what I’m meant to be doing. When I initially purchased the course membership, I thought I would be receiving physical documents or hand outs, as I don’t like to be spending lots of time reading on screens, or just some kind of communication or relationship, if that makes sense. Maybe this is about expectation, but my attempts in writing to and have both failed so was feeling kind of lost which further exacerbated my experience…

          …when I’m just keen to learn about druidry!!! :D :D :D

          Thank you for pointing out where I can download course material, I didn’t know that. It’s things like this which I was expecting to be communicated, a course outline, anything really, aside from notifications from paypal saying that I’ve made another payment without knowing what for in return!


          david poole

            Hi fiveelementjack. When I subscribed to the Bardic course I am pretty sure that I did receive a confirmation of some kind, it was some time ago but I am sure that it happened. Whenever there is a deduction from my Paypal account I am always told about that, so the process works. There is an introductory sample package which I think is free which anyone can read, this gives you a very short, simple idea of what the course entails then it kind of goes on from there. In this first package Greywolf sketches out a few ideas of what a Bard should be and what they should be doing to give you a flavour of the course, you then decide for yourself whether you want to pursue this further. This course then proceeds as a series of twenty four booklets which you can study at your own rate and work with in your own way. There is a definite progression so it helps to follow the booklets in order as the knowledge within them slowly reveals itself to you. These booklets appear as downloadable pdfs. There are other very interesting sections with the BDO main board such as the two different blogs, which can be quite interesting to read; the events, although sometimes this is empty; some general information on druidry, which is worth a look; a member’s reference library, which exists in the Student Support Pages. The booklets are broken up into groups of four each, every time you are pinged for a payment this basically amounts to paying for one set of four booklets. It’s not a heavy cost at all, at least to my feeling, considering how much you are given. There are frequent exercises which you are given which you can try to test your ability, and you can submit work of your own if you feel inspired which can be used to measure your progress. Writing and talking on the forum helps me a great deal as there is always someone interesting to talk to and I have learned a lot this way, so you have come to the right place. Finally freeelementjack, and this is just a suggestion, you have the option of asking for a tutor who can help you with certain problems or indicate to you whether you are progressing along the right lines. Greywolf might be worth pming with some questions, although I imagine he might take a while to answer properly. Regarding the forum, you are welcome to ask any questions here and you are sure to receive an answer of some kind, it is up to you how to use that resource as everyone here has differing points of view although we all share the same path.



              Have you managed to get on and start yet? From the introduction part of the Bards course it’s pretty straight forwards once orientated, appreciate its a bit tricky at first if its your first online course.

              I’ve recently started also, so could help you get up and running if needed?



                Hi David, Hi Roge,

                David – thank you for your detailing of your experience, whilst it’s different to my own I think I have the same access to things that you do, however I can’t confirm. I’m grateful for your experience.

                Roge – I’ve started reading through something, just wish I had some contact with whoever has made the course as still haven’t heard anything back after two months.

                Really grateful that you’re all here supporting me and making me not feel alone. Blessings to you all.


                david poole

                  Hi Fiveelementjack, that is a little unusual as there are actual contacts who can be made. You should have an address for the BDO tutors, it comes as part of each booklet. I have a tutor but I don’t write to them particularly often, I think it has been mentioned somewhere that tutor response may not be immediate. Two months does seem a little long though. I would still recommend writing to the tutorial address in the first instance. Something else which you might try are the Bardic Grade Support Forum, this is part of the forums but exists in a different area from the public forum and is meant specifically for course related questions rather than general chat. Some of the answers which you are looking for may be found there, or you could try asking other students specific questions about the course and use student input. I hope that it works out for you.


                    Hello Jack,
                    We have been experiencing problems with our course delivery system that have affected a few of our students. Also, our admin person and tech guy both had a whole slew of health, family and work-related problems in March, which probably explains why you didn’t get a reply via or My advice is to try Adam at techsupport again now, explaining the problem. He’s normally extremely efficient at sorting out problems :-)
                    Many blessings,
                    Greywolf /|\

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