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    Hi all,

    My handwriting is atrocious and I don’t particularly enjoy writing because of it, but I’m keen to document my journey. Does anyone else journal digitally? By typing or through audio? Any other ideas?



    david poole

    You could use a wordprocessor to keep a written copy of your journal this might help you a bit. I am keeping a written journal which I am finding to be very useful. I don’t think the handwriting really matters what counts is what you write inside your journal and how you use it.


    Hello Darkforest, the druids were the keepers of herb lore, divination, spell craft, clan history and story craft, and communicators with the Celtic Otherworld. they did not write things down because they did not want the knowledge to get into the wrong hands. now, the term is interchangeable with Neo-paganism. you might like the books of Kristopher Hughes, and he has a website. Kristopher is a druid.
    Best William

    david poole

    Kristoffer Hughes is very good indeed, well worth reading and indeed listening to, he has appeared on the OBOD Druidcast he was speaking about death and bodies he is or was a mortician at one point, that got a little bit disturbing sometimes people’s spiritual messages can take you to some dark places. I was going to point out that we have the Ogham language and inscriptions, at some point the Druids changed their minds and starting writing down messages or at least certain messages, there are some things which can only be shared through experience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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