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      Dear David, I think that the sow is a sacred animal to the druids. I am not sure what he headless woman is about, but it is kind of frightening. I know if I saw a headless woman walking about, it would scare me. I am going to have to do some research on why the sow is a sacred animal. best star tree


        I am really wondering, have you heard anyone ever use the word sprowl?

        To be honest, I’ve never heard anyone using that dialect word. A lot of Anglo-Cornish dialect is rarely heard these days. Most of the books available online were compiled in the 19th century or earlier, therefore a lot of the words and phrases are archaic. The word, variously sproll/sprawl/sprowl means strength or energy. I’m not sure what the derivation is since the Cornish (Kernewek) words are nerth, nell or krevder.


        david poole

          The headless woman dresses in white and is known as Y Ladi Wen or Y Ddynes Mewn Gwyn. Apart from Calan Gaeaf she can also be seen at Hollantide. She exists to warn children about bad behaviour. If you should happen to meet her she may ask for help, or she may offer treasure or gold. She does not like greedy people however. Y Ladi’s Revenge is said to befall anyone who dies prior to disclosing hidden treasure, so be careful if she should meet you and offer you some of her gold that you do not take away too much. I don’t know why her head is missing, you will have to ask her yourself.

        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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