Some tips on preventing suicide

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      Some tips on preventing suicide

      When people experience lots of material loss and death of family members, it can lead to the contemplation of suicide. I know, everyone thinks that, “ it would never happen to me,” but again, experiencing lots of loss at one time can really drive you to the edge of the cliff, and there is no safety net there. So, here are three tips that I have found will help. First, if you kill yourself it will permanently affect your family members, even if you think some of them don’t care or love you, I promise you that they do, and it will affect the rest of their lives. Second, if you are contemplating suicide, finding a purpose in life will help prevent you from committing suicide. And a purpose in life does not mean getting a new computer or a car. I am talking about something that can make your life worth living. My purpose in life is to be a bard who writes books and poems and songs, and every time I get depressed, or full of fear and anxiety, I write, and everything gets better. But each person must find their own purpose in life. Third, if you are of Celtic blood and spirit like I am, then you need to get in touch with your Celtic spirit ancestors and Celtic gods and goddesses and Celtic culture. This is very important because it is a spiritual lifeline to who you are. So, play harp, or Celtic fiddle, or write, or dance or some form of Celtic art form to help you get in touch with your Celtic spiritual culture. And just one more thought that might help, reach out for help, I and all the druids and druidesses love you, and everything is going to be alright.
      Remember to Breath, Star Tree


        Thank you Startree for your insight and inspiration. I agree that finding a life purpose helps you live a fulfilling and happy life.

        david poole

          Thank you StarTree, your advice is extremely humane and considered.

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