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      I guess I am about halfway through the Bardic course and I have just been reading Greywolfs introduction to his wolf spirit guide.

      A while back I got into only what I can describe as a deep state (trance?) listening to Shaman Drums, that constant pounding, I didn’t really enjoy it, to be honest, but they certainly seem to impossibly fade into the distant background and sent me off to a place.

      I will do my best to describe what happened.
      It has intrigued me and I cannot seem to get the niggle out of my head. I “went in” with the intention of meeting a Guide, I wondered down through what I thought might be the underworld and nothing really happened, then I became aware that I was almost falling asleep, then very suddenly I was snapped back to reality. I had seen a glimpse of a cloaked figure in the gloom (dark red and grey) who would not speak to me until I was becoming aware I was falling asleep. I’m sure he shouted very clearly the work ROKE. Almost as if he were annoyed I didn’t introduce myself perhaps.

      It feels like He may be a guide and now my given name may be Roke, based on what I read by Greywolf. Any information or thoughts would be most welcome.
      I search in vain for the word Roke and also the TDN members seem to come up with the same things I did.

      Then, oddly, I came across by chance the book, A Wizard of Earthsea. I mean I had read this over 40 years ago but had no idea of what it contained. It turns out the Wizards go to Roke Island to train. I was looking for meaning in the word Roke so I have assumed I needed to have a framework for my own Druidic study and ended up on the Bardic course from the BDO.

      I would be most interested in some experienced Druid guidance. I have not been able to do this again so far because I am kind of holding off listening to the drums again, it’s not easy.

      What bothering me is that I do not know what this means. Maybe he is Roke, but I feel like he was saying I/We were Roke. Maybe I need to try again?

      Kindest Regards,

      david poole

        Roke sounds like a sound, like some kind of bird call. Crows? It could be an animal spirit attempting to make contact with you, try looking into crows.


          Thanks very much for replying,

          Your not the first to say the name sounded Corvid. I do intend to re-visit, I wonder how you speak to a crow? lol.



            Hello there,

            I’ve never read the book you mention and I have no idea why the name was chosen for the fictional island, nevertheless, roke in English is an old world that means mist or fog, and that in itself is very thought-provoking in a druidic sense. The word can also mean to scratch into something under the surface, again an old usage I believe. Going off what you’ve written, it’s also fascinating what the mind can do, isn’t it? Is it possible that, in the depths of your mind, the name used in the book was remembered from all those years ago when you read it?


              Thanks for replying

              Yes, I understand that my mind may have dragged it up, it just didn’t feel that way.
              The thing is, it was like being shaken violently awake and was very impressionable.

              I came up with mist fog smoke as did others on TDN. To scratch under the surface is a new one.

              The only answer is to try again I suppose.

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