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      why shouldn’t druidry become a world corporation? It is the world corporations who are controlling everything and polluting the environment all so the stock can go up in value. the world corporations change the laws so that the corporations can do what ever they want. It even feels like the government’s are just large corporations wit the thin veneer of the vestments of power. Sure there are lots of nice people who work in them and corporate culture is even able to manipulate what we think and buy. Why aren’t the druids in on the game? By the way, it is the laws in the USA that allowed the corporations to become people with legal rights. the greeks Gave us democracy and the Americans gave us Corporacy. what I am talking about might not be as science fiction as you think. But for sure, religion is used to control people, and aren’t the mormons very corporate. look, money is power, to a large extent, and if it takes money to stop the world from being bulldozed, then what is wrong with that? druidry is already being marketed, and has a target market of young disenfranchised pagans, While blacks are marketed the white life style, and whites are marketed the black gangsta lifestyle. I think we are all getting confused about who we are. and the back to the landers are finding the forest full of condos and being turned into suburbs, and the suburbs are nothing more that urban battle zones where all is watched on internet cameras. it is weird in the USA, because blacks can move into white neighborhoods, but whites can’t move into black neighborhoods because they will be killed and assaulted in them,. I know what I am talking about on this one. could corporate druidry help to make the world greener with more parks? When a running trail is put through a city, what has been really been put through is a rape trail, and the parks are just used as drug meetup and sell places. America is a land of the constant sound of the booming basketball, and the nights are full of gunfire sounds that are always way to close. So, social segregation is now still in full force, only it is the cost of the housing that separates the races. But from the top of the towers in the town, the corporate world looks down on its toy train sets and toy highways. nothing can withstand the corporate culture as it chews up the rainforests for more homes in the suburbs and more furniture made of chopped up wood, compressed into chairs, tables, and desks. and behind the powerful college systems that turn out more corporate soldiers in black suits, is the money and the power of the corporations. down in the streets of America fear and intimidation are used to control the hood, and cars pump out songs like “Suck my Dick,” and if you snitch on me, I will kill you. There is a level of deep fear, and violence that floods the American cities, and it is not like anything the world has ever experienced. Plus, if you want a job, you have to work for a corporation in one way or another, or at least be of some value to the corporations. Can druidry help with this situation, I don’t know.


        It’s an interesting concept that you’ve provided, but I think Druidry, in many respects, already is ingrained into business and politics just not as intensely as you’re proposing.

        Druidry, certainly through my eyes, is a system of beliefs and a lifestyle choice, rather than a disciplined organization that can be privatised and taken to a corporate level.
        I think it’s more realistic to think, a corporation with its own business agenda may have individual members, shareholders and customers who follow a druidic path and can influence the direction the business is heading through its interaction with the company. Rather than a druidic corporation with a druidic agenda that has druid members. I think the latter would be TOO deeply ingrained in business and would pose questions. I would expect this from a dogmatic religion that is trying to forcefully push itself and its agenda in the mainstream through influential backdoor channels. Like The Church of England with its scandalous Amazon shares purely for financial gain or it’s unelected House of Lords representatives. I am weary of these types of business and political ventures and fail to see the connection to the actual religions and their specific disciplines.

        I think a good solution for the individual Druid or Druid Order would be through education. Opening the eyes of the consumer to the bad practices taking place in business and offering suitable alternatives. Or through shareholding in businesses that are environmentally conscious and have our planet’s and its inhabitant’s best interests at heart. So not for financial gain but purely to influence and support a positive future in business. Individual druids pursuing careers in politics to become elected MP for specific parties that share common ground with the druidic lifestyle etc.

        I think these are the only logical ways to pursue these goals.


          In the long run I think we should see the creation of excellent Druid primary and secondary schools, where next to the normal curriculum the whole corpus of Druid lore and values will be teached. Here in the Netherlands the christian schools are much better than the public schools, and they are very sought after, even by non-christian parents. So hopefully one day schools on Pagan and Druid basis should be created which should be renowned for their excellence.

          david poole

            I do not think that business is really suited to any spiritual path, such as Druidry. Rather than a corporation I believe that Druidry would be better off possibly in becoming a registered charity. This would allow a Druid group to be recognised without being weighed down by irrelevant rules relating to matters which have nothing to do with Druidry.

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