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    Steve Jack

      Good Day! Is anyone having problems with getting access to the course materials? I have the Bardic first part but the second stays unlocked even though it’s been more than three months since I’ve been working with the first set of materials. I’ve sent in multiple emails and no one is responding back 🙁


        That’s strange, they usually reply pretty quickly. I don’t have any help on what to do, other than what you’re already doing, but just wanted to respond so that at least you’d no someone’s out there, even if it’s just another student! Hope you get it resolved soon.

        david poole

          I downloaded everything at a very early stage and am carefully working my way through it all; I got hold of all twenty four booklets with no problem. That must have been a couple of months ago Steve. There was no problem at that time, so maybe something has happened since. Sorry I can’t be any more helpful than that, I am not a technical expert. Have you tried contacting Adam Sargent or Greywolf? As far as I know Adam was supposed to be admin for the forum. If he can’t help you maybe Greywolf can send you what you need.

          Steve Jack

            I appreciate the feedback! Unfortunately, after four attempts to contact them, I still have no resolution. I only have access to the first set of Bardic downloads; the rest are locked out.

            david poole

              Maybe you could try writing to the tutor contact mentioned in the booklets? They might be able to help you. Maybe there has been a change since I made my downloads; maybe you are only allowed to download one set of booklets at a time, then maybe the next one is unlocked? Have you worked with the first set of booklets and sent someone, maybe your tutor, some kind of feedback to show you’ve been doing the study? It may be that the studies have been divided into chapters which must be completed one by one.



              I’m also having trouble accessing the course material. I can’t get access to any booklets and am itching to start my learning.

              david poole

                I was just going to say, regarding contacting support, this may seem a little obvious but when you type in an email address you have to get it exactly right, if even one character is wrong or you type just one character twice then that becomes an incorrect address. This may serve to explain why some emails are not getting through. This is such a basic mistake and so easy to make. If you save an incorrect email address to your contacts you may never spot this one. People make typing mistakes all the time but this is enough to stop an email from working. It’s a computer thing, they always have to make things exactly right. I am always very careful about these things. Regarding making contact, I have not had any problems contacting anyone so far.


                Hi David

                Thanks for the info. What e-mail address have you been sending to?

                david poole

                  I use the email which I got from the booklets:

                  Note that Philip can be contacted on this forum, contact the user known as Greywolf, Greywolf has responded on the public forum so that appears to work.

                  Postal addresses: I have only tried this once and it was a long time ago.

                  BDO Midlands (Bardic Course)
                  Box 33 c/o Wildways
                  Borle Mill Bank
                  Shropshire WV16 6NJ

                  It’s a lot slower than email but they will respond.

                  There is also:

                  The British Druid Order
                  PO Box 1217
                  Wiltshire SN10 4XA


                    Greetings all,
                    Our course delivery system was tailor-made to work in conjunction with our old website, which it did without a hitch. Updating to our new website, however, led to an incompatibility somewhere in the fairly complex code and this has affected the delivery of material to some of our students. It shouldn’t have done, since the new site is set up using essentially the same software, but it did. Our tech guy, Adam, who created the delivery system, is working to track down the coding incompatibility and apply a fix that will fix it for everyone. Meanwhile, whenever we hear from a student having a problem accessing the material, our same overworked tech guy is creating an individual fix that gets that student back on track with course delivery. No one will lose out. Ever.
                    The BDO is a not-for profit organisation run almost entirely by volunteers who do it because they believe in what we do and how we do it. All have occupations, families, etc. and present circumstances have, for the most part, created less rather than more time to devote to the BDO as our largely self-employed work-force struggle to keep any sort of income coming in. Our regular enquiries person, a senior NHS nurse, was put in charge of a C-19 intensive care unit, dramatically increasing her workload. She contracted the virus herself about ten days ago and has been extremely ill. Two more people who then took up the reins of enquiries have subsequently had to pass them on again. I’m now tackling enquiries myself and have, I think, now caught up with the backlog of messages that had built up over the last couple of weeks.
                    We’re all doing everything we can. Everyone will get their course material. If you’re having a problem receiving yours, please email me at I will pass your message on to Adam and we will get it sorted. Bear in mind though that we are all stretched in our lives for a variety of lockdown-related reasons so applying the fix may take a few days. Also bear in mind that new packages of course material appear every two months, not monthly, just in case you’d missed that memo 😉
                    Stay safe, keep well, many blessings,
                    Greywolf /|\


                      Our regular enquiries person, a senior NHS nurse, was put in charge of a C-19 intensive care unit, dramatically increasing her workload. She contracted the virus herself about ten days ago and has been extremely ill.

                      That’s extremely sad and worrying to hear. I do hope she pulls through.


                      Rene Fehringer

                        Thanks for the information about the courses Material i too didnt receive the Second Part of my course Material, but i will contact the enquiries Email about that. Im also very thankfull for everyone that is doing his or her best im this difficult Times. I Wish you all good health and Energy for this hard Situation. For me this whole Corona Situation was Not only bad, bcs it was a very grounding and humbling experience. It is very das that people that still Work or try to Help Others are surprised and confuses when I thank them.

                        Bell Well and blessed

                        david poole

                          I hope she gets better soon too, she is very brave and dedicated.

                          Steve Jack

                            I wanted to give a shout-out to Adam for setting my account straight. I’m looking forward to the second step of the Bardic journey.

                            I hope everyone is staying safe.


                            That’s great to hear Steve. I am still waiting to gain access to the course materials. Greywolf has been in touch, for which I am grateful but as yet I am still no nearer getting started. Hopefully this will be rectified soon

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