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      I was watching the tube and there was this documentary on witchcraft in which the witches were holding a purifying ceremony, and I thought it was really wonderful when this old witch asked the guy who was about to enter the ceremony if he would forgive all people who had done him wrong, or the ceremony would be worthless, and he would never get anywhere. The guy who the ceremony was performed for was also given some kind of herbal soak before he entered into the ceremony. Anyway, I thought a purifying ceremony was a grand idea. And I wonder if there are any purifying ceremonies in druidry, and what would be some good herbs for it. I think it is so important not to carry around ill will for people, and I even had a vision, or I am not sure what you would call it, but when I started shining a light on ill will that is carried around deep in the heart, almost hidden from consciousness, out of a yellow pool of light materialized a little action figure with horns of ill will. It was the ill will action figure and it had
      A sneaky little face, a quite vivid viz. I wonder if it is impossible to forgive all of the people who have wronged us and hurt us in the past. I am not sure it is possible, but shining a light on ill will can help in dealing with it. The truth is that there are a lot of mean people in the world, and you can’t love everyone, at best all you can do is be kind, or leave the mean people alone. I think that knowing your hates and fears can help you live a happier life. And can also help to keep you out of trouble. But I like the idea of a purifying ceremony, and I think carrying hatred around for the past just does not help anything. But I also think that you should learn from your past mistakes and not be to angry at yourself for making them. It almost seems like some things were meant to be from the beginning. However, life is such a big social game, that the players who understand it can and do avoid a lot of pain. This whole purifying, may be a simple as cleaning your aura of negative energy which can cause an aura to look black. Anyway Peace, and remember to breath. Star Tree

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