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    david poole

      What people had forgotten was that there was a massive hole in the ozone layer caused by years of pumping toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. They had also forgotten about all of the damage caused by mankind since the days of the industrial revolution. Not to mention radiation in the sea from atomic bomb testing, or the plastic in the oceans. While Britain enjoyed tropical weather, the rest of the world had become even hotter to the same degree. Deaths increased due to heatstroke and skin cancers. Normal life and working life had changed drastically. Water shortages and rationing were now worldwide. Civilians were forced to leave the coast as their homes disappeared underwater. There had been mass migrations to mountain and hilly areas, where the higher altitudes meant relatively lower temperatures, although the space in these regions was so limited that there was fighting amongst people for space and there was desperate overcrowding in all dwellings. Coastal areas possessed a maritime climate which lowered the heat in these places by noticeable degrees. Like the hilly regions, these towns were in high demand for living.


        Excellent David, That was mighty, I hope other druids will continue to add to the story, and I hope you will keep adding to it also. Best William


          The sailors were tense and armed as the Mac Lir tied up to the floating docks of Port Red Dog. Floating above the heads of Red Dog’s militia men were the black geometric block shapes of the Narhulan, looking like mini upside down city skylines. Duncan the druid left the ship and followed the militia men through the crowds to the old hotel. He would have to stay there until safe passage could be arranged to Bolder because Red Dog was still negotiating with the Bolderians for how much the delivery of the druid was worth. Red Dog wanted more arms and food than the bargain had originally been agreed to. Duncan the druid heard a knocking at his hotel room door. “Maid, I need to get into the room, I left a knife used for carving pineapple in the room.” Duncan was tired so he let the maid in, and once in the room is was quickly apparent to Duncan that the maid was also a prostitute and wanted to know if Duncan need her services. Duncan handed the maid the pineapple knife and told her to leave because all of the prostitutes in Port Red Dog had HIVS. Looking out the window, Duncan saw that Port Red Dog was surrounded by razor wire, and most of the homes were mobile homes that could be moved back as the waters kept rising. From his window, Duncan could see the Yellow Jacket dealers, with lines of people waiting to get a fix. He looked in the mini fridge, and saw some strange kind of meat, which he left alone because Port Red Dog was known for selling Human meat, and Duncan did not want to take the chance of consuming human body parts. Anything that walked or flew or crawled was on the menu at Port Red Dog. there was one benefit to the hotel room though, a Telly screen with cable television, something Duncan had not seen for years. He turned on the telly and watched an old Doctor Who show. He would be confined to the hotel room for a week before the militia men came to take him to Bolder.

          david poole

            There was not much to do in the hotel except to watch old shows on television, and there was no point in going outside as the hotel was by far the safest place in the entire town. It had not yet been flooded out by the rising waters, although there was black mold on the walls and the wallpaper and roof were rotting away. There was water in the taps, but it had turned a strange colour, Duncan was wary of drinking this as it might be contaminated with bacteria and cause dysentery. Upon turning on one of the taps he witnessed a small explosion of flame. There was no need to worry about dysentrey as the local water was actually polluted with fracking gas. Duncan decided to try the shower. He fared little better there but at least it came out as water. Duncan was careful to leave the plug in the shower’s basin. After washing it was dirty and thick with grime and body salt, but was at least drinkable and safe, if unpleasant. He pondered on the fate of the Mac Lir and its crew. When they had arrived, the shores of the landing port had been covered in a dense, dark and dirty foam which he assumed had been caused by industrial waste being poured directly into the sea instead of being filtered out. There had been many dead fish floating lifelessly in the layers of scum. It was likely that all of the local fish were likewise contaminated, unless they had suffocated due to lack of oxygen in the water. He wondered whether it was a risk worth taking as he would have to eat something eventually, possibly dead rats or dog meat.


              Hi David, mighty writing, what else can I say. I going to enjoy that paragraph for a while, it was just great. I felt like I was there in that greasy run down room. Good description. There is something in drama called catharsis, the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
              “music is a means of catharsis for them” I feel like this global warming future, that I am pretty sure we are all headed for, much quicker that we think, is chewing away at insides of all of our minds. It is really a frightening thing that is quietly happening each day. And somehow, just writing about it, makes it a little easier to deal with it and live with it. Showing the danger and fear for what it really is seems to make me be able to live life and enjoy and be happier in life. I feel that people are so frighten of global warming that they just ignore it, because there is just too much on their plate already, with all of the other problems in life. But ignoring it, does not mean it does not affect them, and adds to their depression and fear. So, I think it can be a good thing to write about the dystopian future. The government bailout in America were just used by the corporations to buy more of their stock back and make sure that their CEOs all had golden parachutes. And now I fear the latest bailout money is just going to the large corporations again and not to the places or people who need it. And the congress of the US is getting ready to pass another super bailout bill, with little oversight. Again, it just does not make sense. I don’t understand why they just did not pass lots of smaller bills. That would have made more sense. It seems like the moms of the world are the most concerned about global warming.

              david poole

                Duncan had heard that the local people hunted seals and dolphins, which did appear close by. It was a real shame, they were such beautiful creatures, but it was preferable to cannibalism. If there were a real option Duncan would have chosen a meat free diet, for he felt great empathy for animals and the suffering which humans put them through. Outside crabs could be observed swarming across the road in flocks, scuttling sideways. This was something which Duncan had never seen before and he observed it with great interest. He knew that there was local dissent about living conditions, prostitution and the presence of the addictive yellow jacket. Some had organised protests, which had been brutally put down with water canons and tear gas. Local people had sometimes disappeared without explanation, no doubt imprisoned and murdered by the local government for dissent. It was possible that some of the local guerillas were making attacks against the yellow jacket factories, he knew of one man, Plissken, who was very active in attempting to destroy the vile trade. Maybe this was one of the reasons why he was wanted so badly. Duncan had also heard that the American government was going to use weather control to create a tsunami or tidal wave which would bury the coastal areas. This seemed entirely possible as there was widespread indifference to what happened to foreign countries there as America had its own problems with mass demonstrations against the much hated Water Tax. As he thought about this he felt the ground shaking once again. Doubtless it was another attempt to extract more gas and oil from beneath the ground.


                  Crossing over, at Checkpoint Donald, Duncan the Druid was afraid for the safety of the crowd that surrounded and pushed up against the fence of the checkpoint that guarded the city of Bolden’s lands. From the back of the monster pick up truck that Duncan was ridding in, Duncan could see the endless miles of razor wire and the sparkling machine guns of the guard towers that were spaced every forth of a mile. A young mother with two young children saw the kindness in Duncan’s eyes and started heading for him, hoping he may give her a handout of food, but as soon as she tried to follow the truck across the checkpoint line, she and her two young children were shot by Red Dog’s men. “Why did you do that, you evil men,” Duncan screamed as he tried to jump from the back of the truck bed and help the mother and her two young children, but Duncan was held back by Red Dog’s men who were laughing at the shooting of the mother and her two young children. The pick up truck sped out, and now the crowded burnt out badlands were replaced with green pastures full of cows and horses. Approaching Bolden, Duncan first saw the well tended suburbs, where each house had a swimming pool and in every driveway were three or four cars or trucks. Next came the miles of mansions, and Duncan could feel the smoothness of the road. And then the city of Bolden arose as the truck climbed higher up the mountain. But bolder did not look like a city, it looked like one huge corporate campus, modern, paved, sterile, with glass and metal buildings, gleaming in the sun like fresh minted silver dollars.

                  *note all druids are welcome to add to this dystopian story of global warming.

                  david poole

                    Whoever owned this place would still have to breath the same air and drink the same water and eat the same food as everyone else, Duncan knew that much. This far inland, the crops would be relatively safe from the sea; there would be no destroying floods of salt, evaporating to leave behind white, crystalline mounds that would support no life. Duncan suspected that they must use filtration plants to remove toxic chemicals from the water, including the rain. It was hard to tell whether the water was polluted by metal oxides, that much would be apparent in the taste; the presence of carcinogenic pesticides would only emerge much later. They would have to use to keep the pests under control. Rich or poor the problems they faced were something that all people would have in common.


                      The men who had gathered around the long elliptical table in the boardroom of the Bolder city council building were all CEOs or Members of the World banks. These men were not the type of men who ever had friends, they had competitors. When they met each other, the main thing they talked about was who had the most money. They spent their time sizing up each other, comparing each other.
                      Duncan the Druid, was met by a beautiful young secretary at the entrance to the Bolder Building. The secretary had a smile of fear plastered on her face because she knew if she did or said one wrong thing that she and her family would be sent back across the perimeter fence that surrounds Bolder. Even though the residents of Bolder had all been picked for genetic makeup or because they had come from super wealthy families, the people of bolder still needed domestic help and office workers, so some lucky people in the badlands were allowed to cross the border once a day and work in Bolder. These people were allowed to shop in the bolder grocery stores and get medical help. The secretary walked Duncan to the boardroom and asked if he wanted a bottle of water. Duncan said yes, thank you. Duncan noticed that the halls and the public spaces of the bolder building were all decorated with organic designs, organic furniture and sculpture that were meant to put a person at peace, and make them feel as if they were in nature, or somehow connected to nature. He saw one Asian person dressed in a lab coat scurry past him, but he did not see any blacks. And he had not seen any blacks since he had arrived. Bolder was as sinister and racial as Berlin in World War Two. Duncan took a seat around the elliptical table and waited for the board members to ask him questions about the bargain that they wanted to make with the druids. A margin that would stop global warming and end the Narhulans’ attack on the people of Bolder, a bargain that the council of bolder would never agree to as long as it meant giving up fracking and cars and trucks and planes and heating their buildings with oil heat or running their factories with gas. The council of Bolder had really called duncan just to pick his mind, and find out what he knew about the Narhulans who appeared as black geometric shaped floating mini inverted skyscapes, each one 3 feet long and one foot wide, and who could send out thousands of black threads that would wrap around a person and drain the life-force out of them. The Narhulans were unstoppable, so far. But it was said that the druids knew how to stop them. The Narhulans had arisen from the billions of souls and spirits of the the people who had already died from global warming. The Narhulans were angry..

                      david poole

                        “I will help you tom improve the city and enlist the help of the druids, but there are certain conditions. A price for my services, if you will”, said Duncan. The executives looked at him. “We will consider it”, one of them said. “Very well”, continued Duncan. “The Yellow Jacket drug. This is highly addictive and destroy’s people lives. I want you to stop all production of the drug and to help those who have become its victims to recover.” There was a stir at this, as Duncan had expected the vile drug was likely being used to keep the population pacified. “Second, I want an improvement in the general treatment of all citizens, including all workers, that must cover basic needs such as freedom to travel, freedom to meet each other, and decent wages and living conditions and food and water supplies. Thirdly, there must be basic rights for all people including the right of free speech, and freedom from discrimination. No-one must be mistreated unfairly because of their age, physical abilities, beliefs, ethnic background or social status.” Duncan wss thinking carefully, there were so many issues to set right within this society. “Fourthly, I would like peace agreements to be made with all local groups with whom there is a dispute; there must be an end to incidents of violence. This must include the end of false arrests and mistreatment of prisoners. All detainees must have the right to legal representation and a fair trial.” Duncan remembered what the hotel had been like and knew that he had had a taste of this treatment himself. There were some further points to cover, something to offer in return. “I can show you how to provide all of your people, including the workers and civilians, with safe clean drinkable water and clean, safe food. There must be no abuse of animals, including for laboratory testing. We will show you how to create free energy from clean, renewable sources. The exploitation of the environment is not necessary. We can provide you with the means to power your economy without destroying your surroundings. These measures will help to encourage the Nathulan’s to stop their efforts against you; your destructive nature has caused the situation which you are in now, you yourselves are responsible for that. But we can change that, and we help to make you safe once again. If you agree to do all of these things, it will be evidence that will weight in your favour with your opponents. If on the other ahnd you choose to ignore my advice, then the power of the Narhulans will continue to grow as you already know that is happening right now. Eventually, there will come a point where your enemies are unstoppable by any means, even with our help. You must do all of the things which I have advised and then, perhaps, you will stand a chance. Conflict, and the inevitable loss of life that comes with it, is something which I think we all want to avoid. The time to act has finally come, and we must all act right now, together as one community. The choice as to the future we face is now yours. We will do everything we can to help you.” There was quite a stir going on within his audience, Duncan coudl tell that his speech had hit a serious chord.


                          The choice as to the future we face is now yours. We will do everything we can to help you.” There was quite a stir going on within his audience, Duncan could tell that his speech had hit a serious chord …

                          As the crowd were looking at each other in agreement and the fervour and enthusiasm was reaching a peak, suddenly the sky began to darken. The crowd fell silent as an aged, withered man in dark robes, supporting himself with a great staff of yew slowly, somewhat unsteadily, made his way through the crowd to the front. After what seemed a never-ending silence, he lifted his hood with his old, weather-worn hands, looked up at Duncan and with piercing green eyes, eyes that had seen many a joy and many a sorrow, he spoke up …

                          “I come hither from the desolated lands, from the ghost forests, the parched rivers and the broken hills, and I come hither to warn you. While you speak the forces of the Kings of Illusion, the Serpents of Deceit are preparing to make war … ”

                          “Who are you? Why have you come here?” people started asking in unison, some anxious at the apparition of this figure, some even angry that their cheer had so soon been brought to an end.

                          “I am the one they call Mac na hOíche, Son of the Night.”

                          david poole

                            “Welcome Mac na hOiche, Son of the Night”, said Duncan. He wracked his memory to see if he knew anything of this figure. “We thank you for your warning. We must do everything we can to avoid unnecessary loss of life. But we must yet defend ourselves. Who are these forces whom you speak of? The Narhulans? The corporations and the businessmen? The military? We must act swiftly, while there is still time to act.”

                            “I speak for the wounded, desecrated land itself, for I am the agent of those spirits who have been harmed and destroyed by your reckless actions so far”, replied Mac na hOiche. “But what you guess is true. The opposing forces are gathering right now and will soon meet in a final destructive conflict which will destroy all life here as we know it and wreck untold destruction. You ahve very little time left.”

                            “As much as I mistrust the Narhulans and their powers, it may yet be that they act from anger at our actions, not from hatred of our kind”, reflected Duncan. “While we possess the power to stop them, still I would prefer to find a non-violent solution. So many lives have been lost so far, we must rise above our past and prove that we can do better than destroy those whom we do not understand.”

                            “And if they are not willing to listen?” said Mac na hOiche. “What will you do then?”

                            It was a difficult challenge, but Duncan was prepared to face it. “Then we fight against them. But it need not be as destructive as the more violent factions amongst us and their side might prefer. This is a matter of defence not a matter of vengeance. I believe that the Druid’s magic might be able to disarm both sides, preventing any harm. After that, a peace agreement must be made. But before then, we must try to talk to the Narhulan’s in some way, without giving away our intentions. We must send a message of some kind, a proposal, or a delegation. In the meantime we can prepare our own forces and bolster the city’s defences. I have a feeling that some may try to prevent us from finding an alternative solution for their own reasons. We all stand in danger now.”


                              Mac na hOíche stood and passed his silver beard through his fingers and rubbed his chin, his long silver-black hair occasionally fluttering in the gathering wind. He stood there for a good while, against that dark, foreboding sky, the eyes of all around transfixed on him and Duncan and then again he spoke …

                              “The Narhulans are fools, dangerous fools, but fools all the same. They are but the servants of the Kings of Illusion, the real enemy, with their poisoned tongues these are the true Serpents of Deceit. A battle will be hard, but it will be necessary. Now heed my words well, this battle cannot be won or lost by a sword, an axe, an arrow or a lance, nor can the Kings of Illusion be defeated by any man or woman on two legs, or with two arms, or two eyes. They will not be defeated on land or by sea. But there is a way … but you, Duncan, Donnchadh, you must find it. I must go now, when you have true need, you will find me.”

                              At that Mac na hOíche said no more, he turned and slowly made his way through the astonished crowd, and then, all of a sudden, as everyone was looking around at each other, they looked again and could see the Son of the Night no more.

                              Duncan looked up against that dark, grey, rainy sky and just about made out the form of a raven flying away in the distance …

                              david poole

                                “What shall we do now?”, someone asked Duncan. He stood there momentarily, poised in thought.

                                “Mac na hOiche said that the Narhulans were fools”, he said. “That means that they have been fooled, perhaps.” There were murmurs amongst his audience. “I think our first step should be to contact them. I think they have been deceived in some way, led to enter this conflict through no desire of their own. We must reach out to the Narhulan, we must contact them and attempt to break through this deception. That will remove our enemies of a key ally. Perhaps we can persuade the Narhulan to take our side.”

                                “But how shall we do this?”, asked a member of his audience. “They are such a strange race, and they have little contact with humans apart from vague messages and threats about the environment.”

                                “Have you tried transmissions, or signals?”, said Duncan. “A diplomatic party perhaps?”

                                “No, that is the problem. The Narhulan tend to shun humans as being members of an inferior, destructive race. They prefer not to make contact.”

                                “Then I have an idea”, said Duncan. “I need to make contact with them myself. Our dark friend has just left, or we might have asked him to do this, but I think that I can.”

                                “How exactly? The Narhulan minds are so different, so strange.”

                                “Symbiosis”, said Duncan. “I shall connect my mind to their and inform them of our true situation. I suspect that someone, somewhere, has made them badly informed and so turned them against us. We shall need the facilities of your science laboratory. The setup is simple enough to arrange. We shall do this for a limited period, say five minutes initially, then see what impressions I can get from them. I suspect that their emotions will be drastic and overwhelming, so we will limit the initial contact.”

                                The group repaired themselves to the key science and laboratory facilities of the complex. Duncan took a good look around and had a word with some of the scientists there. “I will require a neural input output unit, for receiving my brain waves and deciphering theirs, if you should have that otherwise we shall need to make one up quickly. I need an external control, someone who can monitor my brainwaves and pull me out in case I start to become overloaded. This device will need to connected to an external transmitter, a radio based device which can send a signal to the Narhulans. I shall need to talk to their key figures, their leaders or their scientists or even both.”

                                The arrangements were swiftly made. Duncan looked at what had been assembled. There was a simple chair in which he could relax and compose himself, a monitoring device to show his brainwaves and to monitor his status. There was an external dish with a large antenna which would transmit his brain signals to the Narhulans and in return receive theirs.

                                “This is to be an intitial contact”, said Duncan. “I suspect that there will be a certain amount of confusion on their side, so I will have to start by explaining the true position and how they have been deceived. We can establish an understanding first, then arrange further contacts and start to set out a plan.”

                                Duncan sat down in the chair and put on the brain receiving headset which the scientists had made up. He started off with a simple, calming meditation, then began to give directions.

                                “We have the home location and the energy frequencies for the Narhulan. Begin our transmission”, he said.

                                The scientists set to work and soon Duncan could feel the stirrings of a first contact. It was strange and very alien, yet not necessarily malevolent. Cautiously he decided to push his mental presence forward, and immediately felt a sense of recognition, a sense of curiosity and greeting. There was also some uncertainty and anger behind the emotions which he could feel.

                                david poole

                                  It was not long before Duncan made contact with the Narhulan mind. He had considered astrally projecting himself into the Narhulan world, but it seemed like a great risk. The Narhulans were unsympathetic to trespassers and it was possible that they would be able to sense even invisible astral forms, with their ability to work with intangible energies and forms. The contact was very confusing and disorientating. Duncan was sure that he could sense someone there, but it was not clear who it was. The Narhulans were trying to screen themselves.

                                  “Don’t be afraid”, he said. “I am your friend. We know that we have damaged our world and we know that you are angry. We are trying to do the best that we can. Please forgive us. There are those who have lied to you. We must clear up that deceit. I promise that I will give you nothing but the truth as far as I am able.”

                                  Duncan felt that his statement had been clear enough, what the Narhulan response might be was hard to tell. They seemed to possess human emotions, such as anger and fear, but beyond that nobody knew much about their society, culture or motivations. Would they be willing to listen? He felt as hopeful as it was possible to feel.

                                  “We are aware of your presence human”, came a voice. “In what way do you think we have been deceived?”

                                  “I have been given a warning by a messenger from another realm. He claims that fear and confusion have been created by the masters of deception. We think that he was referring to either the media, or to big business, or to the corporations, or some combination of these forces. Together they could and would try to destroy our world and environment, as we have already seen. He told me that they can be overcome. I think that there is a way to do this. We must send out our own message, tell the world the truth. We must tell the world that their actions threaten to destroy them. With this truth, perhaps we can still save everyone. But I fear that they will attempt to stop us. We need to work together, we need your help in order to succeed. Will you join with us, please?”

                                  There was a thoughtful silence, then the Narhulan presence responded.

                                  “Yes, we can work together, but there are many issues. Even now you abuse your own kind and try to destroy yourselves. Your time is running out. Desperate action is needed in order to avoid causing further harm. But we can protect you while we work together to find a solution.”

                                  “Thank you!”, said Duncan, extremely relieved. “This is most certainly a start. It would be helpful if you could send a representative of your people here, or make some kind of projection. People need to see the truth in order to believe it. Could you send someone here, or transmit a signal on our frequencies?”

                                  “We can sense your presence through your contact with us human”, said the Narhulan. “We believe that we can transmit part of our power through to you. You will be able to see us for the very first time. Please be aware though, our form is very unusual and may prove to be overwhelming to your sense. We are attempting projection now.”

                                  Although he was underneath a massive headset Duncan was able to speak to the surrounding scientists and staff. “They’re going to attempt a visit in person”, he said. “Their form is somewhat alien. Please be prepared for what you are about to witness. I promise that no harm will come to any of us.” He returned to the Narhulans. “We are as ready as we can be. Please go ahead.”

                                  There was a swirling form materialising within the laboratory. It was quite dark, but then they already knew that the Narhulans used shadowing and formless technology, so that had been anticipated. The humans could feel a strange presence within the swirling mass that was forming, an alien mind yet one with intelligence and purpose. They waited with anticipation to hear what it might have to say. They did not have to wait for long.

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