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      The way it is going with global warming, there are going to be millions of deaths in 10 years time and the water is rising much faster than the governments are letting on. Many people will lose their homes and world wide starvation will take place. People have to educate themselves about what is causing global warming in order to stop it. And the reason for global warming is the Petrodollar. The petrodollar is a rule that all oil and gas must be bought and traded for in US currency. The value of the US currency is based on the petrodollar. Recently, China, has been trading petroleum in the Yuan. As you can guess, this devalues the US currency which is based on the petrodollar. No, gold does not back the US dollar or the British pound. Everything is backed by the petrodollar. All the wars over the last 60 years have been fought over the petrodollar. If a country tries to trade petroleum in currency other than the US dollar, they will find themselves in a war and their government will be overrun, and a new government that will honor the U.S. currency petrodollar will replace them. So, as you can see, there is no incentive to stop using fossil fuels because it would collapse the world economy. First, the value of currency needs to be based on something other than the petrodollar. What can druids do about global warming and do we as druids have a responsibility to stop global warming? In America there are vast fracking fields like in the matrix and Americans call methane gas, freedom gas. the permafrost is melting and releasing methane gas, and fracking also releases methane gas. Most Americans live in cities and never see fracking fields which release methane gas and permanently ruin the drinking water to boot.


        Note you and I cannot buy a petrodollar, you have to be a world bank to buy them. Like the federal reserve.


          We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. Do not be afraid of them. Make your voices heard against the global corporations that are heating up the planet and trying to bring an end to life on earth. there is hope and we must not role over and die. Our stories and songs and writing can change the world, and they can save the world.The black riders, the nazgul, are approaching and have been seen in the kingdoms. Mordor is filling the atmosphere with green house gases. And we must also make it illegal to patent seed. Seed is owned by nature not genetically modified food corporations. Let your voices be heard druids and witches. We have to try. Every druid and witch ritual of the changing wheel of the year should have a anti global warming message attached to it. We can not blindfold ourselves to the coming danger. WE can not act like it is not happening. We are like Luke Skywalkers against the galactic empire. May the force be with us. May we have the knowledge of Yoda to help us. This is the time for druids and witches to be the heroes we have always been. To be the ones who convince the world’s kings and queens that the time is now to stop global warming. Every druid gathering from now on must have some protest against global warming as part of the ceremony. There will be no future for the children of earth if we do not stand together against global warming. Stop playing golf, and start working for a world without fossil fuels. WE already have the technology to get off the gas. And each druid’s and witche’s prayers, and voice can help to save the world. Think about all the animals that will die from global warming. the black riders are approaching, and there is a foul smell to the air. THIS IS HAPPEnING FOR REAL, IT IS NOT AN EPIC MOVIE. We will not give up the fight to stop global warming.
          We will save this planet.


            The old druid was skinny, bones sticking out of his skin. He had been called to the room where 15 children lived, all within inches of each other, taking turns sleeping and standing. The old druid had been called to tell another dying child the story of how once there had been bees and fields of clover where children could run and play. But that was before the waters had risen because of global warming, before millions and millions and millions of people had died from starvation. The old druid cried because he had not tried to stop global warming, he had been too busy playing computer games and dressing up in silly white robes. Now it was too late, and there was very little land left. The small boy breathed his last breath and was thrown out the windows to the black rats and red eyed vultures. It was hot in the room, very hot. It was hot everywhere.

            david poole

              You are right GreyFalcon, we must try to do our best.


                Hi there.

                One thing that you can do, which I do, is use the Ecosia browser. Every search adds up and after about forty-five searches, a tree is planted. They support projects all over the world. So just by using a different browser/search engine, you can already start helping.




                  Thanks David and Dowrgi, it helps to know other druids are also concerned about this very serious ecological disaster that is happening to our planet. I just think it is later than we think and that the government has been lying to us about how far along the global warming is. I know that the U.S government lied to us about the Covid-19 because they did not want to collapse the stock market prices. The permafrost is melting and releasing lots of CO2 gas and the fracking is just unbelievable in the USA. The fracking sites release methane gas my the truckload because they all leak, and the fracking destroys the ground water forever. It is beyond insane what they are doing. I understand you are not in the USA, but we are all connected on this planet, and what happens in the USA and other countries does destroy the world environment. I don’t even know if a world without animals and where there is not room for forests and the faerie folks to live is something that is even livable for anyone. Meanwhile the super rich are preparing for the global flood and the heating up of the environment. They keep flying their private lear jets and have bought land on the high ground. This is such a big issue, and I know we all feel like we are too small to do anything. And I think many people have taken the attitude drink, eat, vacation, and me merry for it is all going to be over soon on the planet earth. But we cannot afford to take that attitude. We have to have hope. As druids I think we need to be involved with this effort to save the world. I feel that our chief, Chief Greywolf is all for doing things that will prevent further global warming. All people and animals have an equal right to live a life of freedom on this planet. We all should have clean air to breath and fresh clean water to drink. And we all should be able to walk in the forest, or swim in a pollution free ocean. This is our big challenge in life. May the witches and druids unite in this effort and may the Neo-pagan groups like the OBOD also get behind this battle to save our world. May or prayers and energy and spells be cast to stop global warming, as it harms none, and in a peaceful way.


                    The old druid, Duncan, stepped over the bodies of the people sleeping in the hall as he made for the street. Outside it had been raining but still, he had to push his way through the crowded street to the waterside. He followed the street until the tarred road sank into the murky and dark water. On his right he could see the tops of gas pumps, and on his right he saw the flooded chemical factory that was leaking chemicals. Duncan the druid raised his oak staff, a staff that was used more these days for fending off rats than for magic. Duncan, chanted a spell that called on the sea god Mannannan Mac Lir, and waited. Duncan knew that soon two seals would come and take him to the island where the druids had made their stronghold against the rising waters. But there was risk now in traveling by water, for all kinds of monsters had grown strong in the rising waters. While he waited by the waterside, Duncan enjoyed a bit of privacy, for people were scared to walk too close to the ocean because rogue waves were known to come up out of nowhere, and drag people out to sea, so Duncan the druid pulled out a tin of blackberries and allowed himself one blackberry to ease his hunger, the blackberry was delicious.

                    david poole

                      Your stories are amazing GreyFalcon, they always feel very powerful, even when they are very short. You possess a great natural talent which ought to be put to use.

                      I have another idea, this is something which Greywolf is already behind as he is its sponsor, it is called PaganAid. I am going to hide the link to it somewhere here <<>&gt; you may be able to visit the web address if you copy and paste the text inside the brackets. The message behind PaganAid is a truly beautiful one. Here is how they describe themselves:

                      ‘Our beautiful, sacred Mother Earth is under attack. Her forests are being cleared. Her minerals are being plundered. Her rivers and seas are being poisoned. Her sky is being choked and her climate changing. Her creatures are being driven to extinction. Meanwhile millions of people live in extreme poverty. Some of them are poor as a result of the exploitation and industrialisation of the environment. Some of them have no choice but to deplete their local environment because of their poverty. PaganAid wants to break this cycle of destitution and destruction by helping people to meet their basic needs through living in harmony with nature. We will do this by funding small-scale projects that help poor and marginalised communities to protect and develop their own livelihoods and the environment about them – projects that put equal value on ending poverty and protecting Mother Earth. We need your help.

                      Firstly, please give whatever you can afford towards our current projects. Even the smallest donation will be used to make a difference (but obviously, the more you give, the more we can do).

                      Secondly, please become a member. Being a member means you get a say in which projects we raise money for and helps us ensure that donations are not spent on running the charity.

                      Examples of the types of project that we have funded are:

                      Supporting permaculture in the Himalayas.
                      Helping victims of a Puerto Rican hurricane.
                      Tree Aid, support their Women’s Forest Livelihoods project in the Passoré province of central Burkina Faso.
                      The beneficiaries of projects we fund can be of any faith or none, so long as they want to live in harmony with nature.

                      Our objectives are:

                      To promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public by:
                      the preservation, conservation and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources;
                      the relief of poverty and the improvement of the conditions of life in socially and economically disadvantaged communities;
                      the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration.
                      To advance the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote study and research in such subjects provided that the useful results of such study are disseminated to the public at large.’

                      This is a great group and looks exactly like the kind of cause which we should all be supporting.


                        rainbow colors shimmered in the oil slick surf as Duncan the druid waded out to the large gray seal that had a saddle on its back tied on with hemp rope. Climbing on the seal’s back, Duncan was glad to be leaving zone 9 and headed for the isle of Snowden where the druids and witches had gathered as the waters started rising. There had still been hope then that the world leaders would come to their senses and stop the air pollution that was causing the planet to heat up. If only the druids and witches had tried harder thought Duncan as the seal slid through the water. But what more could the druids and witches have done? It was the world bankers who had based the value of the worlds currencies on the exchange of oil and gas. they didn’t have to. It truth, they could have based the currency value on anything, the number of rocks in a country, or the number of coconuts that a county grew. The Petrodollar was a Macguffin, a meaningless prop to further the plot in a Hitchcock movie. The druids and witches had thought that as the super rich people who controlled the currency values would come to their senses as the water started to rise and the golfing estates and expensive sea side villas went under water, but the super rich just moved to higher ground and went on flying planes, and fracking the earth, sucking the gas out of the earth at any cost. The super rich did not understand the druid concept of reincarnation and karma, and that the super rich would have to pay for their destruction of the earth when they would be reborn in the next life. They did not understand that the soul is indestructible. Soon, duncan saw Snowden on the horizon, an island that had once been a mountain sacred to the druids and witches.


                          The wealthy had thought they were safe in the mountains. They had stockpiled food as the waters had started to rise. The horror of so many dying from starvation as global warming quickly came upon the world was too much to take,
                          so the wealthy just turned their minds to other things, gambling, old movies, drinking. That was was until the souls and spirits of all the dead took revenge. It was described as a darkness, a black cloud, and it would make you feel sick as it came around, sick and terrified.
                          Was it Karma, or revenge by the earth spirits? The global warming could have been easily stopped but no one did much of anything. And now the super rich could not protect themselves from the Narhulan, a race born from the grief and loss of so many people. When the Narhulan came at night, there were always members of the super rich who were missing in the morning. Weapons could not protect the super rich. Only the druids goodness and magic could protect the super rich, and Duncan the druid had been asked to go to Bolder Colorado to help the super rich. He agreed to go, but only if the super rich would agree to sign the ecodollar agreement, An agreement where all future currency would be based on how green a country was. fracking would be illegal forever, and travel by jet was prohibited from now on, there would be no more cars or gas pick up trucks. Futher all power must be green power. Yes, it was too late to save all of the people and all of the land on earth, But maybe something could be salvaged. And there was still no guarantee that the druids could stop the Narhulans, who were angry. But one thing had changed, there were no more atheist, and everyone on the planet had woken up to the fact that the spiritual world is real. Then even more darkness fell. When the super rich closed their eyes at night, all they saw was terror and death in their dreams, face after face of starved people who had died because of global warming arose in the eyes of the global warmmers’ minds. Twenty years is all it had taken for the waters to flood Flordia, and parts of India. Where there were once deserts, now there were seas, seas where the orange green slime seaweed grew. And the hurricanes and tornados were now part of life, super hurricanes with winds that ripped iron buildings down. Duncan the druid prepared to go aboard the druid sailboat, the Mac Lir, and set sail for Bolder. this all could have been prevented, thought Duncan. Why didn’t they do anything to stop the global warming? Would the druid spells stop the Narhulan? A lone osprey flew over the deck of the Mac Lir as it left port.


                            three days out, the Mac Lir drifted in the plastic sea. The plastic sea was dead calm and the chewed up plastic from the wave action floated so thick that Duncan the Druid thought that he could walk on it. The plastic had come from all of the plastic that had been thrown in the sea by the people of earth. Then a sailor from the Mac Lir threw a chicken bone into the soup of the plastic sea and a razor eel with over a thousand razor sharp teeth tore the bone to shreds. The Razor eel was thirty feet long and was floating right under the layer of plastic in the plastic sea. Duncan the Druid was now afraid that the eel would attack the Mac Lir, So Duncan removed the knotted rope from around his robe. Duncan untied one of the seven knots in his rope belt, releasing the druid knot magic that held the wind, and the wind picked up and the sails of the Mac Lir filled with wind, carrying the Mac Lir out of the the plastic sea and on towards Bolder.


                              The sailor, seeing that Duncan looked tired, offered Duncan a drink from a bottle of yellow jacket. Yellow jacket is known to cause aggression in those who use it, and is highly addictive. The drink is made from distilling the orange and green seaweed that floats in the polluted waters of the desert seas. Yellow Jacket will keep a man awake for days on end. Duncan very politely refused the drink, for duncan did not want the sailor to get aggressive and start beating on him, or worse, try to throw him overboard. It was best to be very respectful around Yellow Jacket addicts. the sailor smiled, and said “Bobs your uncle,” and took a swig, his tongue blistered from drinking the poison that he would never be able to be without again until the day he died.


                                On board the Mac Lir, Duncan the druid had fallen into a deep sleep. He was dreaming about the start of the rising waters from global warming. For the first five years people had enjoyed the warmer weather in the north. And the oil companies were glad because they were no able to ship oil on tankers through the melting ice caps in the arctic. People in Britian enjoyed tropical weather all year long, no more cold British winters and people in Britain even started surfing year round. So there were no protests of any mention over global warming, but there were riots over food and the high cost of living and real estate. And in America life went on as normal, people kept driving the gas guzzling cars and trucks which were a way of life for red neck America. And as more people moved to the cities in search of work, there was more pollution from cars and planes. The vast fracking fields continue to leak methane, contributing to further global warming, and the factories continued to pollute the air. Along the coast of America, the salt water rose, and the crop fields along the east and west coast were no longer able to grow food because the soil was too salty to grow anything.the people who lived in The major cities like New York and London, and Washington, built sea walls and ran pumps 24 hours a day to keep the water out of their streets. Why had no one stopped the causes of global warming? Duncan woke up and felt his face on fire. He had gotten a very bad sunburn, and when he looked in the mirror in his cabin, he saw his face was bright red, Red as an apple. He heard a knock at his cabin door. “We will be pulling into port red dog soon,” said the voice on the otherwise of the cabin door.


                                  I hope other druids will add paragraphs on this dystopian story about a dark future where global warming is in full gear, and I hope other druids will pick up the ball and run with it. I think it will be mighty if a lot of different druids would write something and see where the story goes, what a future dystopian world of global warming will be like. It may be a way to get more druids thinking about global warming. so everyone is free to add to the story. Each druid can just add to where the story last ended. As of now, Duncan the Druid, is about to enter the port of Red Dog, and from there is going to Bolder, which at one time was called Boulder Co, but the red necks shot at the sign that said Boulder, and now the u is missing from the sign so everyone now calls in Bolder. The world’s rich and famous live in Bolder, and they have held up there since global warming got bad. Feel free to get creative, and do not let your inner critic get in the way, just free write, there is no bad writing in this story. do not edit yourself, for that will stop the Awen from flowing. May the Awen be with you. Best William

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