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    david poole

      I saw an interesting idea emerge this morning on The Wild Hunt blog – I can’t provide the hyperlink of course as that would cause my message to suspend itself, but this is the gist of what was said.

      Two major companies, Coca Cola and Carlsberg, are joining a project to create recyclable paper bottles. Obviously they must be made from some seriously thick paper or they would simply become soggy and fall apart, as paper does. The Paper Bottle Company wants companies to reduce their plastic usage by making bottles out of degradable plant sugars rather than fossil fuels. The result is a plant based polymer called PEF. (China plans to ban plastic bag usage by the end of 2020, on an incidental note.) The bottles themselves appear to be made out of some kind of white card, covered in textured patterns, and resemble nothing so much as a small glass bottle of milk or yoghurt drink. The Carlberg Pilsner bottle, stood next to a fresh pint, looks like a pale brown creamy colour, as if filled with Guinness head rather than milk. The bottles are not transparent of course so you cannot see the drink contained within them unless there is a label upon the bottle. The main goal of the bottles is to reduce oceanic plastic pollution and to create a shift towards global industrial sustainability. The bottles should break down within about a year.


        Hi David.

        That seems like an interesting and positive development, I just hope the paper doesn’t result in tree loss. I do ask myself, however, what was so wrong with the old glass bottles that we used to hand back for recycling. I still remember when you got your deposit back, maybe ten pence, when you handed back your glass bottles. Anyway, I’m glad to see big companies trying to move away from plastic – it really is a plague if you ask me. Furthermore, as oil supplies may become scarcer in the future, plastic might not be such a cheap option anyway.


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