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    david poole

      This is not my poem but has been shared from a source which I have; it feels very appropriate right now, especially as I am concentrating on poetry. There is not much else to do or anywhere else to go until this is all over, which I am sure it will be one day.


      What if you thought of it
      as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
      the most sacred of times?
      Cease from travel.
      Cease from buying and selling.
      Give up, just for now,
      on trying to make the world
      different than it is.
      Sing. Pray. Touch only those
      to whom you commit your life.
      Centre down.

      And when your body has become still,
      reach out with your heart.
      Know that we are connected
      in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
      (You could hardly deny it now.)
      Know that our lives
      are in one another’s hands.
      (Surely, that has come clear.)
      Do not reach out your hands.
      Reach out your heart.
      Reach out your words.
      Reach out all the tendrils
      of compassion that move, invisibly,
      where we cannot touch.

      Promise this world your love–
      for better or for worse,
      in sickness and in health,
      so long as we all shall live.

      –Lynn Ungar 3/11/20


        Thanks David.


        Michael Broschi

          Thanks David!


            Morning David.

            Are you okay? You’ve been very quiet on here lately.

            I hope all goes well.


            david poole

              Yes I am thank you Dowrgi. We have been given a new set of rules and I do not think that we are allowed to go out or to meet with anyone, it is very restrictive. I was just listening to The Book Of Invasions on Celtic Myth Podshow, I think that this is a great story and worth a further look. It is surprisingly funny. I have been out for a walk a couple of days ago. The nights are still very cold right now. I might write some more about my experiences. How are you Dowrgi?


                Afternoon David.

                I’m well thank you, working online all the time from morning to evening, but well all the same. To be honest, I’ve not had much time for anything else, although this situation has made me reflect on many things, as you may see in the other thread.

                Anyway, it’s good that we all check in on each other.

                Stay well.


                david poole

                  Afternoon Dowrgi. I have written one story as you may have noticed on the forum but have been struggling a bit with poetry. I have read a lot of it but sometimes feel inspired and sometimes not. We live in serious times and I am wary of becoming too depressing, so I have been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. You can never tell what might happen next. It is good to hear from you on the forum.


                    May the goddess Cerridwen heal you with her brew of herbs,
                    May the goddess Brìghde heal you and comfort you
                    With her warmth and love,
                    May the goddess Rhiannon give you the strength
                    To endure and return to health.

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