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      I thought it might be nice to have a thread for ‘our stuff’, our original work. Whether it’s poetry, song lyrics, or just outlines of projects we’re working on. I’ll post mine below, I hope you’ll join me.


        This is the poem I wrote when I read the taster pamphlet for the course.
        As I said in my profile, I made trail bread for the first time in ages, and wrote this.

        Marry the moon, my child

        Marry the Moon, my child, marry the Moon
        And soon in twilight’s chill
        Frost fills me with longing, still.

        Marry the Sun, my child, marry the Sun
        And run, your summers free
        In joy; River, Stone and Tree

        Marry the Earth, my child, marry the Earth
        At birth; in blood and bone
        Bonded. Together, alone.

        Marry the Sky, my child, marry the Sky
        And fly; fly, dearest child
        Breathless, and cloud-kissed, and wild.

        Marry the snow, my child, marry the snow
        And go; and merry part;
        And merry meet, dearest heart.

        Marry the Fire, my child, marry the Fire
        Inspire unfettered joy;
        Beautiful, my darling boy.

        I know it’s rough as a bear’s arse, not looking for ego strokes, I just felt that, as the course material keeps saying we should share our stuff. So I am 🙂

        Ben ‘Crowbeard’

          That’s beautiful Eadha. I’ve just began the bardic course seriously and attempting to write poetry for the first time. Have a couple of very rough drafts but really finding it hard to create something i’m happy with. Hopefully will share something one day but at the moment i’m knuckling down and seeking more inspiration.


            Grand. Hope to see your posts soon 🙂

            david poole

              That is a very nice verse Edha. I have been wondering where to send my creative output. According to the booklets, you can send it to your tutor or post it to Wildways. I have tried sending something to my tutor but was told she did not deal with emails; this confused me as I had used the office email as the booklets suggested. Not that I have a lot of time to create. I have enough time to study the course and correspond with my tutor and not a lot else, although I do start threads when there is something which I wish to discuss. This has become my main output. I have considered writing verse, but I am not good at that and require a lot more practice. I might get around to writing a story at some point, like I said it is a matter of finding time in my case.


                Nice stuff, don’t be too hard on yourself Eadha.

                I came across this article: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/02/aboriginal-tale-ancient-volcano-oldest-story-ever-told

                The fact that a story could have been handed down for 30,000 years just blows my mind, even 7,000 years is amazing!

                This has set me thinking about a “project” of mine from my own neck of the woods … Mount’s Bay.

                Anyway, keep up the good work!

                The life of a poet, the life of a bard,
                The rhyme is tricky, the meter is hard,
                The frustration, the block, the awen doesn’t flow,
                Then all of a sudden an idea, a spark, a flame in the head,
                Ink to the paper, words to the tune,
                The lyric is there, the verse has been said.



                  Bennathow, lovely link, and a cracking verse 🙂 I love words, and story. Clarissa Pinkola Estes has a poem called ‘commenting before the poem’ which is glorious – it follows the poem back from the saying to the making of the ink, the birth and conception of the poet, their ancestors… It’s lovely.

                  David, I have no idea who my tutor is, and I must have overlooked the other stuff – I sent my ‘worry bag’ to an address somewhere. Time is the thing, always will be. Good to ‘see’ you.


                    You’re welcome.

                    PS – bennathow is Kernewek for “blessings”.


                      Hah! Good to know, Dowrgi. Thanks.


                        Very nice idea. I will put something in from time to time. I tend to put things on Facebook and forget to record them…then they are hard to track down. Just a habit on my part when feeling spontaneous verse emerging out. Instead, I will come here to do it.

                        I enjoyed your poem.


                          Fun. I like that. And so we begin!

                          david poole

                            Things simply disappear on Facebook, I think you should post on here on the forum instead, your work is far more likely to stay around, plus you will be read by people who understand where you’re coming from. Facebook can be very unpredictable.

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