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      Hello everyone,

      Recently, I’ve come across a German poem that I think may be of some interest to people here, especially people studying the Ovate course.

      Here’s the poem, with an English translation.

      Eber, Riese, Himmelskuh zählen wir dem Winter zu.
      Hase, Wolf und Menschenpaar stellen uns den Frühling dar.
      In Hahn und Hengst und Ährenfrau die Sommersonne steht genau.
      Schwalbe, Hirsch und Bogenschütz sind des Herbstes feste Stütz.


        A loose translation:

        We count the wild boar, the giant and heavenly cow in winter.
        The Hare, the wolf, and the human pair [twins] show spring to us.
        During the (season) of the rooster, the stallion, and the corn lady we have the summer sun (solstice).
        The swallow, the stag, and the archer are the strong supporters of autumn.


          I haven’t been able to find an exact origin of this poem, it appears to be a well-known, traditional German verse. If anyone does know the exact origin or the age of the poem, it would be a great help.


            What’s interesting is that we have twelve figures, could these be constellations?

            Anyway, I’m still working on this, but any observations and thoughts would also be appreciated.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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