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      I recently started the bardic course. My fiance says I’m being “a recluse”, so here is a (potentially awkward) attempt to socialize. I overthink everything, including this post, my journal, what to have for dinner. I could go on, but I’ll have to think about it first. Excited to get to know y’all.


        Hi there and welcome. I think I’ll get back to you about overthinking things when I’ve also had time to think about it! 🙂



          Thanks Dowrgi! I think I’m in the right place 🙂

          Mark Scales

            Hi I have only recently started this journey myself and having been WFH now for almost nearly 2 years you are not the only one who would likely call themselves ‘reclusive’. Pleasure to meet you and hopefully later this year we will be given the opportunity to meet everyone in person.

            Michael Hummel

              Hello, Chandra. It’s good to meet you. I have just started picking at the Bardic course sample and am preparing to dedicate to the course. I can certainly relate to the overthinking, as well. I’m learning that, in most things, I have to find a balance where I’m committed (“taking things seriously”) and yet holding them lightly, if that makes sense. It doesn’t always come naturally to me!


                That makes a lot of sense Michael. It also touches on my tendency to either jump in obsessively or not do anything. Serious but with a light attitude might help with consistency as well. I keep reminding myself it’s meant to be enjoyable, not something to strike off a to-do list or a school study where you must get the “right” answers to pass.


                  Welcome, Overthinking Chandra,
                  Being now in my 15th year of working on the BDO courses, I can definitely relate to overthinking 😉
                  Covid has made recluses of a lot of us and I was pretty reclusive to start with. Mind you, it was a youthful ambition of mine to be locked away in a garret room in a castle, surrounded by books, and devote myself to writing. The garret room is actually a spare bedroom in a fairly standard red-brick house, but I am certainly surrounded by books. In my youthful dream, I had a manservant who brought me meals. In reality, I have a son who does most of the cooking. So nearly there!
                  Many blessings,
                  Greywolf /|\

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