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      I have just read Bardic booklet three, in which Greywolf mentions that many people have difficulties with meditation. Some thirty-odd years ago I qualified as a Curative Hypnotherapist and subsequently developed and taught Diploma level courses in Holistic Curative Hypnotherapy. The state of hypnosis and the meditative state are close allies, and perhaps I can offer a little help to those who struggle.
      I suspect that one post will not cover the technique I have in mind, so bear with me over several posts if necessary!
      Before we start there is one observation that experience has taught me – some people think they can’t meditate, and this is simply because they have a fear of “letting go”. If this applies to you then visualise a great Oak tree. You are sitting beneath this tree and resting your back against its huge trunk. This Oak is your guardian, your safe place. Look up into the branches and notice the light dancing between the leaves as a slight breeze teases them. Remember if you feel at all uncomfortable at any time during your meditation then you can simp!y return here for safety and security. The great Oak will embrace you, and protect you.
      The next post I will call “Flowing Meditation” and explain the technique for easy meditation.

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