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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      Do As Thou Wilt Without Doing Unnecessary Harm.

      That is what the Wiccan Redde should ought to say.

      Do as little Harm as possible but it should be noted that there are times that it become Necessary to create Harm when one has to Defend Oneself.

      Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        Doing Harm Is:
        – Destructive,
        – Creates Bad Karma,
        – But Sometimes Necessary.


        Norman Riggs



            It is also impossible to live as a human without causing some type of harm or be “cruelty-free”, especially in the Western world. People or companies who claim to be cruelty-free and use it as a buzzword are blatantly lying (unless they can somehow prove the entire production line of their product is cruelty-free, or if it is something they make themselves). I think a lot of people when considering what is harmful or cruelty-free ONLY think it applies to animals, neglecting fellow humans, plants and the environment in general. Some kinds of harm are much more obvious such as littering, cruelty to others and animals, deforestation etc, but there are a lot of types of harm that people do not often think about;

            – Workers in farms who are usually extremely under-paid, exploited, work in extreme or hazardous conditions. Most of the cereals, vegetables and other foods are likely to have been harvested by these workers.
            – Crystal mining is the same, even more dangerous conditions, under-paid workers. Not to mention that a large number of these workers are children. This is something that many crystal collectors seem to overlook.
            – People in South America are starving because most of their Quinoa crop is being exported to other countries, as quinoa has become “trendy”
            – Rabbits and other animals are regularly shot to protect crops. If farmers have a bad rabbit problem, they will sometimes use a gas bomb to destroy entire warrens.
            – Harvesting crops destroys the homes of many small animals like mice, as well as any other unfortunate animal that might be caught up by machinery.
            – Deforestation due to the need for farming land, mining, oil/gas extraction and housing destroys ecosystems, human communities are displaced or even removed, and of course, trees provide us with precious oxygen.
            – The use of pesticides kills millions of insects, birds, rodents and plants every year. For those they do not kill, poisoning and sub-lethal effects can affect eggs, embryos, behaviours, the immune system etc
            – Pollution from transport, farming, factories and other productions, water and soil pollution, and even sound pollution all have devastating effects on the environment.

            Even outside of those concerns, what we consider harm is entirely personal. Some people make sure to never swat an insect, as annoying as it may be, as they believe that insect has every right to be alive. Others do not think twice about swatting flies and squishing spiders. I imagine a large amount of these people who state “Do not harm” often do this and don’t even think twice about it, as they are surrounded by their child-labour mined crystals and eating their exotic grains farmers by under-paid immigrants. That is not to say they are aware they are causing harm, or that they are bad for not realising.

            This is a long reply, sorry! I think my main point here is that I agree with you, Dave The Druid, in that the Wiccan rede could benefit more by saying “Do As Thou Wilt Without Doing Unnecessary Harm”, though I am not Wiccan.

            I think part of Druidry, and part of finding our own spiritual paths in general is to examine our own morals. Things like;

            – If I eat meat, can I change where I get it? Can I trace the animal to where it came from? Is hunted meat more ethical than mass-farmed? What do I consider ethical? What about eggs and milk?
            – What about insects? What about removing them from my house? Pest control? Pesticides? Feeding them to my reptiles/other animals
            – Can I find ways to be more aware of the environmental impact of my own actions? Maybe I could grow my own crops, start foraging, keep a bee hive. Maybe I could search for crystals by myself, instead of supporting industrial mining?

            I ask myself questions like this often. Harm is not something that can be avoided, simply by existing we are supporting the farming, clothing, housing and technology industries. We can’t eliminate all harm from our lives, but we can certainly aim to reduce it.

            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              This is a long reply, sorry!

              Awens to WolfSoul:

              NP – Long Replies with such Insights & Wisdom are Welcome on any Thread of Mine.

              I Hope You Had A Great Spring Equinox Celebration!


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