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      Hello again,

      Well, many congratulations and best wishes to you and your wife for your 41st wedding anniversary, too.

      I had a holiday in Brittany, hence my Breton-themed post in the Bardic forum. It sounds like you had a great time, I also have a couple of copper bangles, one from Cornwall, and one from Brittany. The gnomes and piskies sound fun, too – interestingly, I was always told that you had to gift a pisky or be gifted one for the luck … :-)


      True Owl

        Hi Dowrgi,

        Thanks for the congrats.

        Re: “I was always told that you had to gift a pisky, or be gifted one for the luck..” _Dowrgi.

        – aarrghh !! That’s where I’ve been going wrong ! LOL.




        Melanie Willows

          Hi Dowrgi,
          Wonderful to have a familiar face here!
          The Bardic Course gave me the courage to sing aloud to my dying grandmother. She struggled to speak but told me she loved me. However she jigged a leg to The Twist and pulled my arm in the Hokey Cokey. Dementia had taken so much but not her love of dance music and horses. The Bardic course really helped keep a connection, as her history slipped from her. Her death happened just after being told I had passed the grade.

          The whole course weaved in and out of my life last year with such coincidental timing. I must admit though that not being a public person, that the whole “performance” part of being a Bard was challenging. Luckily (oh gosh so many of those inter person weaves,) I was introduced to the kindest Folk Group meetings ever. I feel stronger for having completed the course. It pushed me beyond where I thought I could go. I met so many new friends.

          Soooo hello Ovate grade! I’m very much looking forward to learning more about plants and herbs in particular. I bet there is a tonne more, and I’ll be pushed to grow again.


        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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