How’s everyone getting on with the Ovate Course?

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      Just asking how everyone is and how they’re getting on with the Ovate Course …



        Hi Dowrgi
        It’s nice to see you, we crossed paths on the bardic course. I’d checked out this forum at the start of the course, but I’m not a natural internetter, so finding not much up, I haven’t been on here. I see this post is a few months old, but I might catch you belatedly πŸ™‚
        I’ve been loving the ovate course. The meditations have been really deep, and I like the way it’s put together.
        I just finished reading/working with the last set of booklets, and I’m looking forward to revisiting some of the bardic booklets, and getting everything bedded together, as it were.
        I also found the Mabinogion on the Audible app, a lovely telling, which has brought it all so much to life.
        Weirdly for me, I find I’m still mostly processing everything as poetry – I thought I’d write more songs and stories, as that’s what I’ve done before, but no, it’s all poetry over here.
        The Ogham’s grand, it’s taking me some time to tune in to them, but I’ve been doing some ‘what do I need to know?’ readings, which works better for me than specifics at the moment.
        I can only describe it as big chunks of lead slabs falling into place, this course – a deeply satisfying echoey clunk. Whichay or may not make sense.
        Anyway, grand to see you – how you?
        Stella (Eadha)


          Hello there Eadha,

          Our paths in the great forest cross again. I’m glad to know that you’re getting on well. I also understand what you mean about thinking poetically about everything, in short, me as well.

          I’ve been working more on the meditation side of things and also getting out in nature and herbalism. I have a small garden of herbs, mint, rue, chilli peppers – not so red hot πŸ˜€ – wild garlic, and thyme. I’m trying to cultivate some rosemary, too, from cuttings and I also have some aloe vera. The subject of herbalism is so vast, I think it’s best to start working with what you know and then build it up from there. Other than that, I’ve been investigating divination spoons – there’s a post on that in this forum, and also working with the booklets, as is par for the course, if you pardon the pun.

          I also have the Druid Oracle (animals) and the Celtic Shaman’s Pack as well as a nice set of Ogham staves in the corresponding woods and the, of course, the Ogham cards that I printed, cut out and glued! What I’ve been trying to do is to integrate them and work with them together in sets of three. I must say, the readings have been quite eye-opening.

          Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you again, too.



            I’ll look at the spoons post, sounds interesting.
            I’ve been lucky to be able to spend a lot of time in our local woodland during the course, there’s nothing like it, it’s been key to all of it for me. I used to do so much more herbalism, mostly teas and poultices, but this is years ago, and I’ve really neglected that, I think. It’s strange, it used to be daily stuff for me then, time to get back into it, I reckon.
            I have mostly used runes from the elder Futhark for divination and ritual use, and I like them, they’re comfy. I made a set of ogham staves all from an ash twig I found and the carving is SHOCKINGLY bad, but they are starting to feel a lot more ‘me’.
            I have rosemary and mint in pots in the back yard, I’ve spent a lot of time in there just cleaning it up and starting to grow bits of things, got a compost heap and a bug habitat going over summer.
            Glad you’re enjoying the journey πŸ™‚ I am, too.

            Amanda Gisby

              Morning all,

              I was just wondering if I have sent my ovate final task to the right place via a snail mail or is there an email address I could try if that’s the preferred way of contact.

              I hope everyone is keeping well.

              Kind regards


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