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      hi, i have recently embarked on a new chapter of my life and am looking for some guidance and advise. in the spirit of honesty and transparancy i have struggled with addiction since i was 13 (now 28), left a treatment centre in january and am now living in supported accomodation in somerset. i am engaging with the 12 steps fully this time and have been exploring different spiritual paths in the interest of finding my higher power, i have always considered myself an atheist which scared me away from the steps for a long time but have recently come to the conclusion that nature is the god of science and is somthing i feel comfortable calling my higher power.
      i grew up in the country and have always appreciated nature and when i was young i was always drawn to the idea of druidry, where would people advise i start in my journey ?
      thankyou :)


        Hello Josh,

        A warm welcome. Your words are very honest and courageous, which makes me think of one of our mottos – Y gwir yn erbyn y byd (Welsh: “The truth against the world!”) I hope you find your time here rewarding.

        As for the nature of divinity, the great “Is there something more?” question, only you can find your answer to that, but, I’d advise, always be ready to re-evaluate your points of view in light of experience, too.

        Where would people advise i start in my journey ?

        At the beginning. If you’re here, then perhaps your journey has already started …

        Bennathow (blessings)


          hi thank you very much for the welcome :) im sure i will, and for the moment i acknoledge that there is something far more powerful than me (nature) but i am very much trying to remain open to further concepts.
          and i spose that is a start haha, at the moment i am trying to learn as much ass i can about druid beleifs and practices but part of what i like about it is the personal element to it.

          Dave TheDruid-3X3

            I have been a Member of AA and always am supportive of someone who abstains from indulging in the Drink.

            But there is one word of Advice that I heard recited by a Tibetan Monk at a Temple once.

            The Story was about a Buddhist Monk who was an Alcoholic and he always maintained a Balance in his Alcoholism by making it a Rule to Never Start His Days Drinking until after 12:00 Noon.

            And always maintain a Healthy Diet so that the rest of your Body’s Needs are maintained in a Healthy Balance. Always make sure to have a Good Healthy Breakfast in the Morning with Herbal Teas and take at least one Milk Thistle Capsule in the Morning when you get up.

            As to your Druidism, I recommend engaging in the Study of Herbs & Herbology. That way, You will have the Powerful Magic of Herbs at your disposal.


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