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      Mines a story quite simply of wanting to change what I’ve been for last twenty four years. Into something I want to be for the next twenty four plus years which the Druid Order will bring I’m sure. Always been aware, inspired and enjoyed being around nature and the release it brings when in the open. I have no name other than the one born with and maybe this will change in time as I begin this path, or possibly it wont? All that said I’m excited and glad I found this site and the courses that will aid my future path. All with your help,advice and guidance. So in advance of the lessons I’m about to learn thank you all.


        Welcome! Dynnargh dhis!

        Your name will come to you in time if it’s meant to be.

        I hope you enjoy the course(s) and that they open up new paths and perspectives for you.



          Hail Druid Roge*
          May you walk in the otherworld that is interwoven with this world and find its hidden doors with their eldritch hinges, for no longer will the gods and goddesses be across the great gorge. Magic awaits you, and the higher levels of consciousness, between the glowing roots of the trees, stories of the stones, and the night-town of the stars. May you come to be great friends with the faeries and elves, and learn to play the faery tunes, all with deep respect for the natural world. And may you remember your past Celtic lives. You will find great peace and purpose and new freedom with the druids, a happier way of living, a positive morality. As it harm none, do what ye will, and your will is your higher true self. You are now traveling one of the oldest spiritual paths in the world, a path that leads you to a new relationship with nature and the Celtic gods and goddesses, a double spiral trail. I hope you will always keep an intuitive heart-mind and never let druidry become a dry logical intellectual path because that is when the magic and the awen dries up and goes away. Remember to breathe and take time to be still, here in the now, for there is myth and magic all around you.
          Croeso Druid Roge
          Star Tree

          david poole

            Welcome Roge, may your time here be a blessed one. Cead mile failte.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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