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    Saorsa Tess

      Hi everyone,

      Im another new bard in training. I’m a Scottish and living in Norway. I’ve been following a path in witchcraft for 4 years but have been curious about druidry for a while so thought I explore a bit and see how things go.


        Welcome, Saorsa,
        Good to virtually meet you. I have good friends in Norway. Beautiful country. Which part of the country are you in? Some of my friends live in a the middle of a forest in the south where any time you go for a walk you’re likely to run into a Moose or two. In winter, they’ve had Wolf tracks in the snow, though I’ve yet to meet one on my trips over there. Maybe next time?
        Many blessings,
        Greywolf /|\

        Saorsa Tess

          Hi Greywolf, I am in the southwest of Norway I am around half an hour from Stavanger. Norway does indeed have a lovely landscape. Sadly, there aren’t many moose where I stay but I do have beautiful hikes, forests and beaches nearby.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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