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      Hi everyone. I started the bardic course at midnight on 4th June. The 4th was the first anniversary of something unpleasant and I wanted to draw a line and move on.

      I have a background in performing arts, music etc. so I’m confident in that aspect and much less confident in writing my own material – *whispering* especially poetry which honestly I even struggle to read much less enjoy 😬.

      I’ve been a pagan for around 20 years now but had never looked into Druidry to any degree, I can’t fathom why since it matches my what I believe entirely. Seems I missed a trick somewhere along the line. I have three children, am a morris dancer, flute player, self-teaching guitar and avid reader.

      Anyway, so pleased there’s a forum for this because I’m not on Facebook any more and they usually have a monopoly on student support groups for various things 🙄.

      Look forward to speaking with you all.


        Hello there and welcome,

        I hope you have a good time here and find it rewarding.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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