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      Hail and greetings,
      I am the druid bard Startree. I know that the faeries and the Celtic gods and goddesses are real and there is no prevaricating with me about that. My pet peeves are academic words to describe druidry. Here is a list of my most hated words: Archetype, Collective Unconscious, Colleagues, and Narrative. In place of them I would use: the real gods, goddesses, and faeries/ the otherworld/ Druid friends / and story. I see the druid way as a way of life that works best in small groves and is destroyed by large organizations that fall victim to greed and power politics. I follow the law of karma and know that it is also the law of justice, so I never seek revenge, for he or she who practices evil will have that evil return to them threefold. I experience the living consciousness of nature and see and feel the god and goddess in nature. I do not think all is one, but I do think that all things are in relationship to each other, like Celtic knot-work, meaning, there are doors and castle gates and guardians. Being of Celtic Scottish, Welsh, and Irish blood, the Celtic ancestral spirits look after me and communicate with me. I am in good standing with the faeries and communicate with them daily. I know the ley line energy of the earth and stars. I am a reincarnated druid bard, and being a bard is my purpose in life. I am Startree.

      david poole

        Pleased to meet you Startree, I hope that your time here is a good one.


          Noswaith da!



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